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-- Keybindings --
binds = {}
-- Binding aliases
local key, buf, but, cmd = lousy.bind.key, lousy.bind.buf, lousy.bind.but, lousy.bind.cmd
-- Globals or defaults that are used in binds
local scroll_step = globals.scroll_step or 20
local zoom_step = globals.zoom_step or 0.1
local homepage = globals.homepage or ""
-- Add key bindings to be used across all windows in the given modes.
binds.mode_binds = {
-- buf(Pattern, function (w, buffer, opts) .. end, opts),
-- key({Modifiers}, Key name, function (w, opts) .. end, opts),
-- but({Modifiers}, Button num, function (w, opts) .. end, opts),
all = {
key({}, "Escape", function (w) w:set_mode() end),
key({"Control"}, "[", function (w) w:set_mode() end),
but({}, 8, function (w) w:back() end),
but({}, 9, function (w) w:forward() end),
normal = {
key({}, "i", function (w) w:set_mode("insert") end),
key({}, ":", function (w) w:set_mode("command") end),
-- Scrolling
key({}, "j", function (w) w:scroll_vert("+"..scroll_step.."px") end),
key({}, "k", function (w) w:scroll_vert("-"..scroll_step.."px") end),
key({}, "h", function (w) w:scroll_horiz("-"..scroll_step.."px") end),
key({}, "l", function (w) w:scroll_horiz("+"..scroll_step.."px") end),
key({"Control"}, "d", function (w) w:scroll_page(0.5) end),
key({"Control"}, "u", function (w) w:scroll_page(-0.5) end),
key({"Control"}, "f", function (w) w:scroll_page(1.0) end),
key({"Control"}, "b", function (w) w:scroll_page(-1.0) end),
buf("^gg$", function (w) w:scroll_vert("0%") end),
buf("^G$", function (w) w:scroll_vert("100%") end),
buf("^[\-\+]?[0-9]+[%%G]$", function (w, b) w:scroll_vert(string.match(b, "^([\-\+]?%d+)[%%G]$") .. "%") end),
-- Traditional scrolling commands
key({}, "Down", function (w) w:scroll_vert("+"..scroll_step.."px") end),
key({}, "Up", function (w) w:scroll_vert("-"..scroll_step.."px") end),
key({}, "Left", function (w) w:scroll_horiz("-"..scroll_step.."px") end),
key({}, "Right", function (w) w:scroll_horiz("+"..scroll_step.."px") end),
key({}, "Page_Down", function (w) w:scroll_page(1.0) end),
key({}, "Page_Up", function (w) w:scroll_page(-1.0) end),
key({}, "Home", function (w) w:scroll_vert("0%") end),
key({}, "End", function (w) w:scroll_vert("100%") end),
-- Zooming
buf("^z0$", function (w) w:zoom_reset() end),
buf("^zI$", function (w) w:zoom_in(zoom_step) end),
buf("^zO$", function (w) w:zoom_out(zoom_step) end),
key({"Control"}, "+", function (w) w:zoom_in(zoom_step) end),
key({"Control"}, "-", function (w) w:zoom_out(zoom_step) end),
-- Clipboard
key({}, "p", function (w) w:navigate(luakit.get_selection()) end),
key({}, "P", function (w) w:new_tab(luakit.get_selection()) end),
buf("^yy$", function (w) luakit.set_selection((w:get_current() or {}).uri or "") end),
buf("^yt$", function (w) luakit.set_selection( end),
-- Commands
buf("^o$", function (w, c) w:enter_cmd(":open ") end),
buf("^t$", function (w, c) w:enter_cmd(":tabopen ") end),
buf("^w$", function (w, c) w:enter_cmd(":winopen ") end),
buf("^O$", function (w, c) w:enter_cmd(":open " .. ((w:get_current() or {}).uri or "")) end),
buf("^T$", function (w, c) w:enter_cmd(":tabopen " .. ((w:get_current() or {}).uri or "")) end),
buf("^W$", function (w, c) w:enter_cmd(":winopen " .. ((w:get_current() or {}).uri or "")) end),
buf("^,g$", function (w, c) w:enter_cmd(":websearch google ") end),
-- Searching
key({}, "/", function (w) w:start_search("/") end),
key({}, "?", function (w) w:start_search("?") end),
key({}, "n", function (w) w:search(nil, true) end),
key({}, "N", function (w) w:search(nil, false) end),
-- History
buf("^[0-9]*H$", function (w, b) w:back (tonumber(string.match(b, "^(%d*)H$") or 1)) end),
buf("^[0-9]*L$", function (w, b) w:forward(tonumber(string.match(b, "^(%d*)L$") or 1)) end),
key({}, "b", function (w) w:back() end),
key({}, "XF86Back", function (w) w:back() end),
key({}, "XF86Forward", function (w) w:forward() end),
-- Tab
key({"Control"}, "Page_Up", function (w) w:prev_tab() end),
key({"Control"}, "Page_Down", function (w) w:next_tab() end),
buf("^[0-9]*gT$", function (w, b) w:prev_tab(tonumber(string.match(b, "^(%d*)gT$") or 1)) end),
buf("^[0-9]*gt$", function (w, b) w:next_tab(tonumber(string.match(b, "^(%d*)gt$") or 1)) end),
buf("^gH$", function (w) w:new_tab(homepage) end),
buf("^d$", function (w) w:close_tab() end),
key({}, "r", function (w) w:reload() end),
buf("^gh$", function (w) w:navigate(homepage) end),
-- Window
buf("^ZZ$", function (w) w:close_win() end),
buf("^D$", function (w) w:close_win() end),
-- Link following
key({}, "f", function (w) w:set_mode("follow") end),
-- Bookmarking
key({}, "B", function (w) w:enter_cmd(":bookmark " .. ((w:get_current() or {}).uri or "http://") .. " ") end),
buf("^gb$", function (w) w:navigate(bookmarks.dump_html()) end),
buf("^gB$", function (w) w:new_tab (bookmarks.dump_html()) end),
-- Mouse bindings
but({}, 2, function (w)
-- Open hovered uri in new tab
local uri = w:get_current().hovered_uri
if uri then w:new_tab(uri)
else -- Open selection in current tab
uri = luakit.get_selection()
if uri then w:get_current().uri = uri end
command = {
key({"Shift"}, "Insert", function (w) w:insert_cmd(luakit.get_selection()) end),
key({}, "Up", function (w) w:cmd_hist_prev() end),
key({}, "Down", function (w) w:cmd_hist_next() end),
key({}, "Tab", function (w) w:cmd_completion() end),
key({"Control"}, "w", function (w) w:del_word() end),
key({"Control"}, "u", function (w) w:del_line() end),
search = {
key({}, "Up", function (w) w:srch_hist_prev() end),
key({}, "Down", function (w) w:srch_hist_next() end),
insert = { },
-- Command bindings which are matched in the "command" mode from text
-- entered into the input bar.
binds.commands = {
-- cmd({Command, Alias1, ...}, function (w, arg, opts) .. end, opts),
cmd({"open", "o" }, function (w, a) w:navigate(a) end),
cmd({"tabopen", "t" }, function (w, a) w:new_tab(a) end),
cmd({"winopen", "w" }, function (w, a){a} end),
cmd({"back" }, function (w, a) w:back(tonumber(a) or 1) end),
cmd({"forward", "f" }, function (w, a) w:forward(tonumber(a) or 1) end),
cmd({"scroll" }, function (w, a) w:scroll_vert(a) end),
cmd({"quit", "q" }, function (w) luakit.quit() end),
cmd({"close", "c" }, function (w) w:close_tab() end),
cmd({"websearch", "ws" }, function (w, e, s) w:websearch(e, s) end),
cmd({"reload", }, function (w) w:reload() end),
cmd({"viewsource", "vs" }, function (w) w:toggle_source(true) end),
cmd({"viewsource!", "vs!"}, function (w) w:toggle_source() end),
cmd({"bookmark", "bm" }, function (w, a)
local args = lousy.util.string.split(a)
local uri = table.remove(args, 1)
bookmarks.add(uri, args)
-- Helper functions which are added to the window struct
binds.helper_methods = {
-- Navigate current view or open new tab
navigate = function (w, uri, view)
if not view then view = w:get_current() end
if view then
view.uri = uri
return w:new_tab(uri)
-- search engine wrapper
websearch = function (w, args)
local sep = string.find(args, " ")
local engine = string.sub(args, 1, sep-1)
local search = string.sub(args, sep+1)
search = string.gsub(search, "^%s*(.-)%s*$", "%1")
if not search_engines[engine] then
return error("No matching search engine found: " .. engine)
local uri = string.gsub(search_engines[engine], "{%d}", search)
return w:navigate(uri)
-- Tab traversing functions
next_tab = function (w, n)
w.tabs:switch((((n or 1) + w.tabs:current() -1) % w.tabs:count()) + 1)
prev_tab = function (w, n)
w.tabs:switch(((w.tabs:current() - (n or 1) -1) % w.tabs:count()) + 1)
goto_tab = function (w, n)
-- If argument is form-active or root-active, emits signal. Ignores all
-- other signals.
emit_form_root_active_signal = function (w, s)
if s == "form-active" then
elseif s == "root-active" then
-- Insert webview method lookup on window structure
table.insert(window.indexes, 1, function (w, k)
-- Lookup bind helper method
return binds.helper_methods[k]
-- vim: et:sw=4:ts=8:sts=4:tw=80
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