**unmaintained** Rails application that helps you administrate your git repositories from a web interface.
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Gitosis web admin

Gitosis web admin is a web based backend (rails application) for your gitosis based git repository hosting.

It basically manages your configuration and public key files which then will be pushed to your admin repository. But it does this through a very simple interface everyone understands.

This app assumes that you already set up gitosis. If not, see hosting git repositories the easy and secure way

Work in progress

Please note that this is work in progress. Feel free to report issues or send feedback.


Install the rails app

git clone git://github.com/masone/gitosis-web-admin.git
cd gitosis-web-admin

Edit the configuration located at config/database.example.yml and save it as config/database.yml

sudo rake gems:install
rake db:create
rake db:migrate


Edit the configuration located at config/application.example.yml and save it as config/application.yml

Import data

If you’re not working on a clean installation of gitosis, you can import the current repositories and keys with rake.

rake gitosis:import

SSH key

Create a ssh key for the user that runs the application and give it access to gitosis-admin.
Do not set a password (otherwise it won’t work).

su application_user
ssh-keygen -t rsa
sudo -H -u git gitosis-init < ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub

Ready to go



  • Find a way that the key of the admin user can have a password
  • Ajaxify submits

Planned features

  • Send mail notification to repository owner if anything related changes
  • Send mail to key owner if anything related changes
  • Links to a gitweb client
  • Supporting more git config tags


  • Config and database are loosely coupled. gitosis.conf is regenerated from database all the time. Manual changes in the config will be lost.
  • If anything with your config or keys goes wrong, you can get them from git