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Written by Mason Smith

  1. What is cl-fann?
  2. Installation
  3. Usage
  4. Limitations
  5. TODO

1. What is cl-fann?

cl-fann is a CFFI-wrapper for libfann, a fast artificial neural network. In addition, cl-fann provides a lispy interface to libfann, providing idiomatic macros and functions for easy integration into existing programs.

2. Installation

cl-fann is installable via ASDF. Simply make a symbolic link to fann.asd in your ASDF directory, and use (asdf:oos 'asdf:load-op :fann) to compile and load the program. Alternatively, if you use clbuild, you can add cl-fann to your wnpp-projects file. The repo is located at:

In addition to libfann 2.*, cl-fann requires the cffi, trivial-garbage, and alexandria libraries, all installable via ASDF-install or clbuild. With all of the dependencies, a clbuild line would look like:

cl-fann get_git get_trivial-garbage get_cffi get_alexandria

3. Usage

4. Limitations

The current working version of cl-fann is designed around version 2.0.0 of libfann. This is somewhat behind the current release version of libfann, which is 2.1.0b. I'm currently targeting 2.0.0 because this version has a binary release on all major platforms.


  • Complete function coverage (mostly complete)

  • (Thorough) testing on various platforms and CL implementations

  • Versioning / tagging releases in the repository

  • Updating to 2.1.0b or 2.2.0, once the latter is released.

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