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CurlSharp is a .Net binding and object-oriented wrapper for libcurl.

libcurl is a web-client library that can provide cross-platform .Net applications with an easy way to implement such things as:

  • HTTP ( GET / HEAD / PUT / POST / multi-part / form-data )
  • FTP ( upload / download / list / 3rd-party )
  • HTTPS, FTPS, SSL, TLS ( via OpenSSL or GnuTLS )
  • Proxies, proxy tunneling, cookies, user+password authentication.
  • File transfer resume, byte ranges, multiple asynchronous transfers.
  • and much more...

CurlSharp provides simple get/set properties for libcurl's options and information functions, event-based hooks to libcurl's I/O, status, and progress callbacks, and wraps the c-style file I/O behind simple filename properties. The CurlEasy class contains has more than 100 different properties and methods to handle a wide variety of URL transfer requirements. While this may seem overwhelming at first glance, the good news is you will probably need only a tiny subset of these for most situations.

The CurlSharp library consists of these parts:

  • Pure C# P/Invoke bindings to the libcurl API.
  • Optional libcurlshim helper DLL [WIN32].
  • The CurlEasy class which provides a wrapper around a curl_easy session.
  • The CurlMulti class, which serves as a container for multiple CurlEasy objects, and provides a wrapper around a curl_multi session.
  • The CurlShare class which provides an infrastructure for serializing access to data shared by multiple CurlEasy objects, including cookie data and DNS hosts. It implements the curl_share_xxx API.
  • The CurlHttpMultiPartForm to easily construct multi-part forms.
  • The CurlSlist class which wraps a linked list of strings used in cURL.

CurlSharp is available for these platforms:

  • [Stable] Windows 32-bit
  • [Experimental] Win64 port
  • [Experimental] Mono Linux & OS X support


A simple HTTP download program...

using System;
using CurlSharp;

internal class EasyGet
  public static void Main(String[] args)

      using (var easy = new CurlEasy())
        easy.Url = "";
        easy.WriteFunction = OnWriteData;

  public static Int32 OnWriteData(byte[] buf, Int32 size, Int32 nmemb, object data)
      return size*nmemb;

Simple HTTP Post example:

using (var easy = new CurlEasy())
    easy.Url = "http://hostname/testpost.php";
    easy.Post = true;
    var postData = "parm1=12345&parm2=Hello+world%21";
    easy.PostFields = postData;
    easy.PostFieldSize = postData.Length;

HTTP/2.0 download:

using (var easy = new CurlEasy())
    easy.Url = "";
    easy.WriteFunction = OnWriteData;

    // HTTP/2 please
    easy.HttpVersion = CurlHttpVersion.Http2_0;

    // skip SSL verification during debugging
    easy.SslVerifyPeer = false;
    easy.SslVerifyhost = false;


More samples are included in the Samples folder.


CurlSharp Written by Dr. Masroor Ehsan.

CurlSharp is based on original code by Jeff Phillips libcurl.NET. Original code has been modified and greatly enhanced.

CurlSharp Copyright © 2013-17 Dr. Masroor Ehsan