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ecmh - Easy Cast du Multi Hub

Easy Cast du Multi Hub (ecmh) is a network daemon that relays and aggregates multicast packets from/to network interfaces.

This allows IPv6 multicast routing on Linux and other OS's that do not implement IPv6 multicast routing. It also allows IPv4 to IPv6 and IPv6 to IPv4 translation of multicast traffic. Allowing multicast where it is not available at the moment. It also has a tunnel mode so that it can detect multicast packets being tunneled inside protocol 41 (IPv6 in IPv4) tunnels RFC3056.

This is for instance very handy for projects like SixXS where we can install this daemon on the POPs and let it easily do multicast IPv6 allowing the m6bone ( to grow and provide IPv6 multicast and because of the translation also IPv4 multicast everywhere we would want it to be.

For a larger explaination see the ecmh webpage.


  • Linux Either get the debian package or use make help in this directory (not src)
  • FreeBSD 5 (GNU make) use make help to see the options
  • FreeBSD 5 (BSD make) cd src; uncomment the 3 lines in the Makefile to get it working
  • FreeBSD 4 cd src; uncomment the 3 lines in the Makefile to get it working Requires the libgnugetopt port. Make it from the 'src' dir'


The license for ecmh is the BSD 3-clause license.


The author of ecmh is Jeroen Massar.