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;; Testing
(require 'distel)
(defun erl-test ()
(message "Smooth sailing"))
(defun erl-message-test ()
"Some message send/receive checks."
(let (v)
(erl-spawn-async (push 1 v))
(erl-spawn (push 2 v))
(push 3 v)
(erl-send erl-self 'x) ; make ourselves schedulable
(erl-continue (lambda () (push 4 v))))
(unless (equal (sort v #'<) '(1 2 3 4))
(error "Error, v = %S" v))))
(make-local-variable 'erl-test-thingo)
(defun erl-exit-test ()
"Check that exits propagate along links."
(let (a b c d)
(setq a (erl-spawn
(setq erl-test-thingo 'a)
(setq c (erl-spawn (erl-continue 'nofun)))
(erl-link c)
(setq d (erl-spawn-link (setq erl-test-thingo 'd)
(setq erl-trap-exit t)
(setq b (erl-spawn-link-async (setq erl-test-thingo 'b)
(erl-exit 'stop)))
(assert (not (erl-local-pid-alive-p a)))
(assert (not (erl-local-pid-alive-p b)))
(assert (not (erl-local-pid-alive-p c)))
(assert (erl-local-pid-alive-p d))
(with-erl-process d
(assert (equal (pop erl-mailbox)
(tuple 'EXIT a 'stop))))
(defun erl-binding-capture-test ()
(let (bs
(x 1)
(y 'foo)
(z '(error "z")))
(setq bs (capture-bindings x y z))
(equal '(1 foo (error "z"))
(with-bindings bs
(list x y z)))))
(defun erl-continue-forever ()
(erl-continue #'erl-continue-forever))
(defun erl-spawn-tag-srv (tag)
(erl-register 'tag-srv)
(erl-tag-srv-loop tag)))
(defun erl-tag-srv-loop (tag)
(erl-receive (tag)
(([,tag msg]
(message "Tagged: %S" msg))
([other msg]
(message "Other: %S %S" other msg)))
(erl-tag-srv-loop tag)))
;; Interactive testing for high level features
(defvar erl-interactive-test-cases
(list (lambda (node) (erl-process-list node))
(lambda (node)
(find-file "/home/luke/devel/erlang/foo.erl")
(erlang-extended-mode t)
(message "DebugMe"))))
(defvar erl-interactive-remaining-cases
(defun erl-interactive-next-test (node)
(interactive (list (erl-target-node)))
(when current-prefix-arg
(setq erl-interactive-remaining-cases erl-interactive-test-cases))
(funcall (pop erl-interactive-remaining-cases) node))
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