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(eval-when-compile (require 'cl))
(require 'net-fsm)
(defvar epmd-hosts '("localhost")
"Hosts to query EPMDs on.")
(defvar epmd-port 4369)
(defun epmd-process (event arg)
(fsm-check-event event 'init)
;; Arg is the request
(let* ((len (length arg))
(len-msb (ash len -8))
(len-lsb (logand len 255)))
(fsm-send-string (concat (string len-msb len-lsb)
(ecase (elt arg 0)
((?n) (fsm-change-state #'epmd-recv-names-resp))
((?z) (fsm-change-state #'epmd-recv-port-resp))
((?a) (fsm-change-state #'epmd-recv-alive-resp))))
(defun epmd-recv-names-resp (event data)
(declare (special arg))
(fsm-check-event event 'data)
(assert (>= (length data) 4))
(fsm-terminate (substring arg 4)))
(defun epmd-recv-port-resp (event data)
(declare (special arg))
(message "Event: %s" event)
(message "data: %s" data)
(message "arg: %s" arg)
(ecase event
(assert (> (length arg) 2))
(assert (= 119 (elt data 0)))
(fsm-terminate (+ (ash (elt arg 2) 8)
(logand (elt arg 3) 255))))
(defun epmd-recv-alive-resp (event data)
(ecase event
(if (equal (string ?y 0) (substring data 0 2))
(let ((creation (substring data 2)))
;; Cheat by calling the success continuation without
;; terminating, since we need to keep the socket open.
(when fsm-cont
(funcall fsm-cont creation))
(fsm-change-state #'epmd-alive))
(defun epmd-alive (event data)
(fsm-check-event event 'close)
(defun epmd-show-nodes ()
(epmd-collect-names epmd-hosts ""))
(defun epmd-collect-names (hosts string)
(if (null hosts)
(epmd-show-names string)
(lexical-let* ((host (car hosts))
(remaining-hosts (cdr hosts))
(string string))
(let ((cont
(lambda (new-result)
(epmd-collect-names remaining-hosts
(format "%s[%s]\n%s\n"
string host new-result))))
(lambda ()
(epmd-collect-names remaining-hosts
(format "%s[%s]\nUnable to connect.\n\n"
string host)))))
(fsm-connect host epmd-port #'epmd-process "n" cont fail)))))
(defun epmd-port-please (node host cont &optional fail-cont)
(fsm-connect host epmd-port #'epmd-process (concat "z" node) cont fail-cont))
;; (defun epmd-login (nodename &optional cont fail-cont)
;; (fsm-connect host epmd-port #'epmd-process (epmd-make-alive-req nodename)
;; cont fail-cont))
;; (defun epmd-make-alive-req (nodename)
;; (with-temp-buffer
;; (insert ?x)
(defun epmd-show-names (string)
(with-current-buffer (get-buffer-create "*epmd nodes*")
(insert string)
(view-buffer-other-window (current-buffer))))
;; testing
(defun epmd-test (node host)
(interactive "sNode: \nsHost: ")
(epmd-port-please node host (lambda (x) (message "X = %S" x))))
(provide 'epmd)