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key binding C-c C-d A for erl-show-arglist

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1 parent 39b28a9 commit 123ee65d3cedd808a4e3790fa196a50365ba2c13 mats cronqvist committed
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1 elisp/distel.el
@@ -131,6 +131,7 @@ about Emacs' online help, use \"\\[help-for-help]\".
("\C-c\C-df" erl-refactor-subfunction)
("\C-c\C-dF" erl-find-module)
("\C-c\C-dg" erl-ping)
+ ("\C-c\C-dA" erl-show-arglist)
("\C-c\C-dh" erl-find-doc-under-point)
("\C-c\C-dH" erl-find-doc)
("\C-c\C-dz" erl-find-sig-under-point)

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