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Please add distel to Melpa #21

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why not elpa?


Well, ELPA is good too but many emacsers, including myself and others using the Emacs Prelude use Melpa as a default repo. :)


++ please


took a look at melpa. looks cool. but, it seems one can only install .el files? distel, of course, must also install .beam files.


It would be great if you can add distel to any repository (melpa, elpa, marmalade, el-get). I am new in Erlang and I am looking for a great editor. Emacs plus distel looks as the best option. I am learning Emacs and it would be much easier for newcomers if distel is present in any repository.


I am interested in adding this to GNU ELPA, which will make sure this piece of software always be available and updated as emacs advances. But it requires copyright assignment. It isn't terribly difficult now that every thing can be done electronically. Any objections?


Thanks, I have received confirmation from emacs's maintainer so I will kick off collecting authors with non-trivial contributions (>= 15 lines of change). I will work with emacs's maintainer to ensure distel can be properly hosted. So don't worry about the .beam files for now.


@leoliu this is awesome. You made my day.

I am pretty sure use packages for python and ruby that ship python/ruby files. I don't think it's an issue. If beam files can't be hosted at elpa, the package code can compile the .erl files.

If I can help in anything please let me know!


@pyotrgalois Thanks for the offer ;)

@qrilka qrilka referenced this issue in tjarvstrand/edts

EDTS in elisp package repository? #106


@leoliu do you have any update on this?


Sorry for my lack of response. I'll start this shortly.


@massemanet @leoliu

I had a first go at an Emacs package for Distel plus MELPA recipe. This initial work is only for elisp files - no BEAMs - and enables basic functionalities like jumping to definition of module-local function M-. and back M-,.


UPDATE: EDTS has an Emacs package and a MELPA recipe ref1 ref2 ref3.

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