Rebuild of erlookup. Leaner, meaner and hopefully a bit better. Round three. #13

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rost commented Sep 10, 2011

So round three and some copy and paste.

Upon request and with some tips from masse I rebuilt the lookup functionality to make more use of Erlang.

This solution skips the elisp bruteforce in favor of extracting debug information about include files used when a module was built. It then looks through the include files using epp_dodger to look for definitions of macros and records. A link to the file is then returned to the elisp code and we jump to the definition.

Rewrote a bunch of the elisp to better follow the original style of distel elisp.

Fixed the code for searching through epp_dodger parse trees to find more macro definitions. Don't know if there are more variants, but I'll probably leave it at this.

Former comments about this not working with recursive includes was wrong, since we look through the beam code for include files all necessary files have already been found by the preprocessor or compiler(?).



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