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2006-10-09 Mats Cronqvist <locmacr@mwlx084>
* priv/generator/generator.erl: generation of doc links fixed
2007-02-13 mats cronqvist <>
* added support for a GTKNODE_BIN env to point out the c-node binary
2007-01-03 mats.cronqvist <>
* fixed a bug in doc link generation
2006-12-07 mats.cronqvist <>
* added clipboard handling infrastructure
2006-12-06 mats.cronqvist <>
* fixed examples. v0.30
2006-12-06 mats.cronqvist <>
* the c-node will chop up reply list in bits of 1,000, to alleviate
timeout problems.
2006-11-27 mats.cronqvist <>
* new gtknode:cmd
* added "hello" example
2006-11-27 mats.cronqvist <>
* implemented GN_signal_connect! woo hoo.
2006-11-21 mats.cronqvist <>
* doc
2006-11-21 mats.cronqvist <>
* treeview example finished
2006-11-21 mats.cronqvist <>
* spiffy new examples
2006-11-20 mats.cronqvist <>
* automake confusion
2006-11-20 mats.cronqvist <>
* bad error handling
2006-11-16 mats.cronqvist <>
* makefile tweaks
2006-11-02 mats.cronqvist <>
* sherk removal
2006-11-02 mats.cronqvist <>
* moved sherk to the eper project
2006-10-09 Mats Cronqvist <locmacr@mwlx084>
* priv/generator/generator.erl: generation of doc links fixed
* priv/examples/sherk/sherk_aquire.erl: better cookie handling
* priv/examples/sherk/sherk.erl:
target monitoring logic improved
better cookie handling
2006-09-29 Mats Cronqvist <locmacr@mwlx084>
* sherk*: sherk basically works. tree-view not yet implemented.
* gtknode.erl: exported the cmd/2,3 functions. a function api for
message sending to the cnode
2006-09-22 Mats Cronqvist <locmacr@mwlx084>
* sherk.erl: fixed the call window combobox
* sherk_tab.erl: fixed bugs on cache file handling
2006-09-21 Mats Cronqvist <locmacr@mwlx084>
* src/gtknode.erl: fixed up the gtknode:debug/0,1,2 functions
2006-09-20 Mats Cronqvist <locmacr@mwlx084>
* c_src/gtknode_glade.c: gn_erl is an alias for gn_sighandler
* priv/examples: fixed up the examples
* took some suggestions from lenglet
* sherk: the sherk example mostly works ;>
2006-09-19 Mats Cronqvist <locmacr@mwlx084>
* c_src/gtknode_glade.c:
signals from the c-node now looks like {GUI,{signal,{Widget,Signal}}}
* c_src/gtknode_internal.c:
implemented GN_tree_view_get_selected (returns a list of path strings)
* priv/generator/generator.erl:
the generator now generates pretty useful documentation
* src/gtknode.erl:
implemented gtknode:f/2,3 for interactive use from the shell
2006-09-04 Mats Cronqvist <locmacr@mwlx084>
* priv/examples/top/top.erl:
ported to new GValue/GType implementation
2006-08-29 Mats Cronqvist <locmacr@mwlx084>
* gtknode_marshal.c:
put_string handles NULL pointer. coded as "".
Gvalue handling moved to GN_value_{get,set,unset}
list(string|integer|float) are decoded to GType*
2006-01-26 Romain Lenglet <>
* src/get_inc_path priv/generator/src/get_inc_path: reimplemented
in bash instead of tcsh, so that all scripts only depend on bash
* src/check_otp: redevelopped using Erlang's code:root_dir/0 and
code:lib_dir/1; now works all the time, including when the "erl"
command in the PATH is not in the Erlang installation hierarchy (e.g.
on Debian, erl is in /usr/bin, whereas the Erlang root is
* priv/gen/gdk_generated-2.8.10.h priv/gen/g_generated-2.8.10.h
priv/gen/gtk_generated-2.8.10.h: added generated files for GTK 2.8.10
2006-01-16 Mats Cronqvist <locmacr@mwlx084>
* src/check (Module): removed the dummy *_generated.h files from CVS
* src/gtkNode_cnode.c (Module): newbie argv-bug :<
2006-01-06 Mats Cronqvist <locmacr@mwlx084>
* src/gtkNode_glade.c (Module): since it seems there can be
signals witout events, gtkNode can now pass the event type 'NONE'
to the erlang side.
* src/gtkNode.erl (Module): added a debug server. start
gtkNode:debug() on the erlang side, then start the c-node in the
debugger. args like this;
<erlnode name> <host> gtkNodeDBG <cookie> <cnode name> <erts version>
e.g. erl snode gtkNodeDBG snookie gtkNodeCDBG 10
* src/gtkNode_glade.c (Module): handle the case where the signal
handler gets called but there is no event. have no idea why this
can happen...
but wait... in glade we coupled the "clicked" signal to
gn_sighandler. but "clicked" isn't necessarily connected to a GDK
event? e.g. if you click a button many times by holding the space
bar down. that's just one GDK_PRESS (or whatever it's called).
* src/gtkNode.c (Module): cosmetic
2005-12-01 Mats Cronqvist <locmacr@mwlx084>
* src/gtkNode.c (Module):
* src/gtkNode.erl (Module):
* src/gtkNode_cnode.c (Module): erlang node passes its
distribution version number to cnode. cnode set the correct
compatibility mode. should work for erls back to R7.
* src/Makefile (Module): always building against R10
* src/check_otp (Message): script used by makefile to ensure
correct OTP. we want R10 or later, and assert the we can find erlc
and ei.h.
2005-11-15 Mats Cronqvist <locmacr@mwlx084>
* src/Makefile (Module): added -lpthread to the linker flags (crux)
2005-11-05 Mats Cronqvist <locmacr@mwlx084>
* README (Module): typo
* examples/simple/Makefile (Module): added +debug_info
* src/gtkNode_internal.c (Module): gn_*() must return boolean in
order to get error handling to work with bulking
2005-09-02 Mats Cronqvist <locmacr@mwlx084>
* src/check (Module): smarter. compares version of GTK with
versions of wrappers, copies the best wrappers to priv/gen/*.h
2005-08-31 Mats Cronqvist <locmacr@mwlx084>
* examples/points/Makefile (Module): +debug_info
* src/gtkNode.erl (make_cmd/1): changed call error/1 to fault1/
2005-08-30 Mats Cronqvist <locmacr@mwlx084>
* :> Committed
* src/gtkNode_marshal.c (Module): added get_arg_struct
* src/gtkNode_cnode.c (Module): error handling didnt work with
bulking. cnode number of args changed.
* src/gtkNode.erl (Module): error termination fixed. cnode number
of args changed.
* src/gtkNode.c (Module): the cnode needed its own node name as
* priv/generator/src/generator.erl (Module): wrappers must return
boolean in order to get error handling to work with bulking
2005-08-26 Mats Cronqvist <locmacr@mwlx084>
* src/gtkNode_structs.c: added struct constructors
gn_construct_PangoLayout and gn_construct_PangoContext. we must
also be able to return struct handles to erlang (with
* src/gtkNode_internal.c (Module): added GN_widget_get_attr.
removed old crap, i.e. everything except GN_glade_init and
* src/check (Module): intended to check that the generated gtkNode
headers are compatible with the installed gtk (tjena uffe)
* src/Makefile (Module): os name in name of binary
* priv/generator/src/generator.erl (Module): in order to get pango
to work, we need to be able to return structs to erlang. also
changed the filenames of generated names to include the gtk
version number.
* priv/generator/src/bio.erl (Module): unused_vars warnings in R10
* priv/generator/src/Makefile (Module): cleaned up deps
* include/gtkNode.h (Module): pango stuff added
* examples/Makefile (clean): -rm
* Makefile (Module): new targets; generate, clean, realclean, tarfile
2005-08-18 Mats Cronqvist <locmacr@mwlx084>
* priv/gen/gtk_generated.h (Module): GTK 2.4
* priv/gen/gdk_generated.h (Module): GTK 2.4
* Makefile (generate): target to re-generate gtk wrappers
2005-08-12 Mats Cronqvist <>
* everything: moved into jungerl. not in CVS yet though. code
generating stuff is not yet migrated, and broken becuse of changed
* src/gtkNode_internal.c (GN_widget_get_attr): should be fixed to
return list of tagged tuples. good thing it's still alpha :>
* examples/simple/*: created
* README: created
* src/gtkNode_cnode.c: changed the message formats :> for
consistency and to support bulking
* allOverThePlace: fixed and rearranged
2005-01-18 Mats Cronqvist <>
* src/gtkNodeTest.erl (Repository): cosmetic
* src/gtkNode.erl (Repository): cosmetic
2005-01-06 Mats Cronqvist <qthmacr@mwux005>
* src/gtkNodeTest.erl (Repository): cosmetic
2005-01-05 Mats Cronqvist <qthmacr@mwux005>
* src/gdk.defs (Repository): drawable stuff
* inc/gtkNode.h (Repository): added get_arg_int
* src/gtkNode_structs.c (Repository): drawable stuff
* src/gtkNode_marshal.c (Repository): added get_arg_int
* src/gtkNode_internal.c (Repository): drawable stuff.
GN_drawingarea_get_window is necessary
* src/gtkNodeTest.erl (Repository): drawable stuff
* src/gtkNode.erl (Repository): drawable stuff
* src/gdk_white.txt (Repository): drawable stuff
* src/Makefile (Repository): better dependencies (still sucky though)
2005-01-03 Mats Cronqvist <>
* src/gtkNode_cnode.c (Repository): passing regname of erlang node
process to cnode as command line parameter
* src/gtkNode.erl (Repository): passing regname of erlang node process
to cnode as command line parameter
* src/gtkNode.c (Repository): passing regname of erlang node process
to cnode as command line parameter
* src/Makefile (Repository): linux generalizations
2004-12-10 Mats Cronqvist <qthmacr@mwux005>
* src/gtkNodeTest.erl (Module): branch on selection test... loop is
external call
2004-12-09 Mats Cronqvist <qthmacr@mwux005>
* src/gtkNode_structs.c (Module): GtkTreePath
* src/gtkNodeTest.erl (Module): selections
* src/gtkNode_structs.c (Module): using g_new0 instead of g_new (zero-
* src/gtkNode_marshal.c (Module): GType stuff. tries to init the type
if getting the GType by name doesn't work. gint64 support.
get_arg_list (only for GType*). better(?) error codes.
* src/gtkNode_internal.c (Module): the GN_new_gvalue function.
* src/gtkNode_glade.c (Module): GType stuff
* src/gtkNodeTest.erl (Module): the treeview/list stuff
* src/gtkNode.erl (Module): handshaking at startup. the new_gvalue
* src/generate.erl (Module): lists (onlt for GType*).get structs by
grepping in gtkNode_structs.c :<
* src/Makefile (Module): added boatloads of stuff. still doesn't work
properly after make clean
* inc/gtkNode.h (Module): added gn_get_arg_gint64 and gn_get_arg_list.
more GType stuff
2004-11-25 Mats Cronqvist <qthmacr@mwux005>
* : release gtkNode-0_11
* src/gtkNode_glade.c (Module): gn_sighandler can now deal with a
non-glade widget (i.e. a GObject) sending a signal
* src/gtkNodeTest.erl (Module): works now
* src/gtkNode.erl (Module): improved prrocess handling a bit
2004-11-24 Mats Cronqvist <qthmacr@mwux005>
* first working version!! released gtkNode-0_1
* src/gtkNode_marshal.c (Module): changed pid handling. wraps all
messages in {OwnPid,...}
* src/gtkNode_internal.c (Module): rewrite
* src/gtkNode_glade.c (Module): fixed error handling
* src/gtkNode_cnode.c (Module): refactored... objects are no longer
special. removed printf's. changed pid handling, link erl process to
gtkNode. handle exit from erlang by exiting gtkNode
* src/gtkNode.erl (Module): working version.
* src/gtkNode.c (Module): details in pid handling. removed printf's
* src/generate.erl (Module): refactored... objects are no longer special
removed hardcoded qthmacr stuff
* inc/gtkNode.h (Module): removed some crap. added a forgotten prototype
2004-11-22 Mats Cronqvist <qthmacr@mwux005>
* src/generate.erl (Module): gtk_generated.hrl added
* src/Makefile (Module): gtk_generated.hrl added
2004-11-19 Mats Cronqvist <qthmacr@mwux005>
* src/gtkNode_marshal.c (Module): implemented hash table storage of
references to structs and non-named objects. the erlang node sees these
as atoms, the hash table maps atoms to pointers.
* src/gtkNode_cnode.c (Module): GModule stuff external
* src/gtkNode.c (Module): global definetions of hash table and GModule
* src/generate.erl (Module): forgotten some unstar's. some new structs
included. also added code to generate gtk.erl.
* inc/gtkNode.h (Module): cosmetic
2004-11-16 Mats Cronqvist <qthmacr@mwux005>
* src/gtkNode_marshal.c (Module): refactored again...
coded a prototype of the struct handling. the real one should use
malloc and a hash table. there's no need to free, since on the erlang
side the structs are id'd with atoms.
maybe we should send an extra arg, a label (i.e. atom), to every
function that returns a pointer?
* src/gtkNode_internal.c (Module): effects of latest refactoring
* src/gtkNode_cnode.c (Module): separate atom and string decode
* src/generate.erl (Module): unstarred some types
* inc/gtkNode.h (Module): refactored prototypes
2004-11-12 Mats Cronqvist <qthmacr@mwux005>
* src/gtkNode_marshal.c (Module): refactoring for struct handling
* src/gtkNode_internal.c (Module): affected by refactoring
* src/gtkNode_glade.c (Module): fixed misplaced functionality
* src/gtkNode_cnode.c (Module): refactoring for struct handling
* src/generate.erl (Module): refactoring for struct handling
* src/Makefile (Module): fixed defs dependencies
* inc/gtkNode.h (Module): refactoring...
2004-11-10 Mats Cronqvist <qthmacr@mwux005>
* src/gtk_black.txt (Module): added many deprecated functions
* src/gtkNode_marshal.c (Module): fixed the gn_put_* functions
* src/gtkNode_internal.c (Module): all ints are longlong
* src/generate.erl (Module): casting bugs
2004-11-09 Mats Cronqvist <qthmacr@mwux005>
* src/gtkNode_marshal.c (Module): doc. there's a bunch of stuff
missing in this version...
* src/gtkNode_glade.c (Module): pointer bug
* src/generate.erl (Module): uses src/*.txt files to generate .defs
* src/Makefile (Module): .defs handling. we generate ../defs/*.defs
2004-11-05 Mats Cronqvist <qthmacr@mwux005>
* src/gtkNode_gtk.c (Module): cosmetic
* src/gtkNode_cnode.c (Module): doc
* src/generate.erl (Module): rewrite
2004-11-04 Mats Cronqvist <qthmacr@mwux005>
* src/generate.erl (Module): modified to use .defs files from pygtk
* src/gtkNode_log.c (Module): removed
* src/ (Module): button signal handler fixed
* src/gtkNode_marshal.c (Module): final(?) refactoring + bugs galore
* src/gtkNode_internal.c (Module): final(?) refactoring
* src/gtkNode_glade.c (Module): final(?) refactoring + signals
* src/gtkNode_cnode.c (Module): final(?) refactoring
* src/gtkNode.c (Module): final(?) refactoring
* src/Makefile (Module): TAGS file
* inc/gtkNode.h (Module): final(?) refactoring
2004-10-27 Mats Cronqvist <qthmacr@mwux005>
* src/gtkNode_log.c (Module): Glib'd. it's not used anymore...
* src/gtkNode_internal.c (Module): prettified
* src/gtkNode_gtk.c (Module): stuff -> gtkNode_marshal
* src/gtkNode_glade.c (Module): GLib'd error handling
* src/gtkNode_cnode.c (Module): GLib'd error handling
* inc/gtkNode.h (Module): marshalling
2004-10-26 Mats Cronqvist <qthmacr@mwux005>
* src/gtkNode_cnode.c (Module): passing widgets back and forth,
by name or by reference, seemingly works
* src/gtkNode.c (Module): scoping error
* inc/gtkNode.h (Module): scoping error
2004-10-18 Mats Cronqvist <qthmacr@mwux005>
* src/gtkNode_glade.c (Module): signals work...
* src/gtkNode_cnode.c (Module): signals work...
* src/gtkNode.c (Module): drudgery
* inc/gtkNode.h (Module): drudgery
2004-10-11 Mats Cronqvist <qthmacr@mwux005>
* src/ (Module): drudgery
* src/gtkNode_log.c (Module): refactoring
* src/gtkNode_glade.c (Module): drudgery
* src/gtkNode_cnode.c (Module): drudgery
* src/gtkNode.c (Module): drudgery
* src/Makefile (Module): drudgery
* inc/gtkNode.h (Module): drudgery
2004-10-01 Mats Cronqvist <qthmacr@mwux005>
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