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@@ -6,10 +6,25 @@ changes to files and directory in the filesystem.
-1. Change to the src directory
-2. Execute make
-3. Execute make test. When you run make test it runs inotify:test() and you
-should see output similar to
+If building from git;
+ aclocal ; autoconf ; automake --add-missing ; ./configure ; make
+If building from the tar ball;
+ ./configure ; make
+This will build in-tree (i.e. the binaries/beams will be in the src
+If you want to install, do;
+ ./configure --prefix=/usr ; make ; sudo make install
+Prefix /usr will install in the OTP installation directory on a
+debian/ubuntu. Adjust to something fitting.
+To test, execute;
+ make test.
+This will run inotify:test() and you should see output similar to;
$ make test
erl -noshell -eval "inotify:test(), erlang:halt()."
@@ -38,21 +53,44 @@ should see output similar to
The test creates a file in the test directory, writes to it and then deletes it.
-4. Before installing alter the line
- -define(PORTPROG, "./inotify").
+Using inoteefy
+inoteefy associates a callback fun with a file.
+inoteefy:watch(File,Fun) -> ok
+inoteefy:unwatch(File) -> ok
+If File is watched, Fun/1 will be called everytime File is
+touched. The argument to Fun will look like;
- in inotify.erl to reflect where the program will be installed.
+Mask - atom() - see inotify docs (man inotify).
+Cookie - integer() - see inotify docs (man inotify). Only used for dirs.
+Name - string() - see inotify docs (man inotify). Only used for dirs.
-5. re-run make
-6. copy the copiled files to the desired location
+(doozy@dixie)19> inoteefy:watch("/home/masse/.emacs",fun(X)->io:fwrite("~p~n",[X])end).
+<changing the .emacs file>
+(doozy@dixie)20> inoteefy:unwatch("/home/masse/.emacs").
-Using Intoify
+Using inotify
For an example on how to use inotify take a look at the function test/0 in
The listener process gets a message of the form
{event, WatchDescriptor, EventList, Cookie, Name}
@@ -79,13 +117,13 @@ patch. Likewise, feature suggestions and patches are welcome.
-* Write a makefile that works
* add support for multiple controller functions
* Write some documentation!
Release History
+20100206 version 0.3 on github
20090221 release 0.2 bug fix
20080929 initial release version 0.1
@@ -1,8 +1,8 @@
-AC_INIT(erlang binding to inotify, 0.22, mats.cronqvist(), inotify)
+AC_INIT(erlang binding to inotify, 0.30, mats.cronqvist(), inotify)
dnl Require autoconf version >=2.59c. first one with erlang macros
-AC_COPYRIGHT(Copyright (C) 2010 Jeff Miller)
+AC_COPYRIGHT(Copyright (C) 2010 Jeff Miller et al)
dnl Require automake version >=1.9.5.

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