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OpenMass - a constituent focused web platform.


Getting Started

The following is just one way to install OpenMass. Customize to taste.

  1. Get the latest code, database, and uploaded files tarball from
  2. You may find it convenient to create an "artifacts" directory in your project root to store the database dump and uploaded files tarball. Files in this directory will be ignored by Git.
  3. composer install. Your codebase is now assembled.
  4. Configure web/sites/default/settings.php for your database. Add a hash_salt value.
  5. cd docroot
  6. Import the database ../vendor/bin/drush sql-query --file=../artifacts/dump.sql.gz
  7. Unzip uploaded_files.tar.gz into web/sites/default/files
  8. Start a development web server ../vendor/bin/drush runserver
  9. To get a URL for logging in as a superuser ../vendor/bin/drush uli --uri=

Customizing Look and Feel

One innovative feature of this platform is its use of a Pattern Lab style guide to theme most pages. Our Pattern Lab implementation, Mayflower, is a uniform look and feel for all web properties that serve Massachusetts.

Quick customization

  1. Fork the mayflower-artifacts repo
  2. Edit to taste. See the assets directory for CSS files.
  3. Edit composer.json to point to your fork

Thorough customization

  1. Fork the mayflower repo.
  2. Edit to taste. This file is for customizing colors.
  3. Build a new Pattern lab style guide (gulp) and save its output into a new "artifacts repo". Your artifacts repo should be laid out exactly like mayflower-artifacts.
  4. Change the mayflower-artifacts line in composer.json to point to your artifacts repository.


  • One day soon, this platform will install without using a database as a seed.
  • One day soon, we will have regular contributor calls to work on the platform


  • Built by MassIT for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts