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package com.zenfractal
import parquet.hadoop.{ParquetOutputFormat, ParquetInputFormat}
import spark.SparkContext
import spark.SparkContext._
import org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.Job
import parquet.avro.{AvroParquetOutputFormat, AvroWriteSupport, AvroReadSupport}
import parquet.filter.{RecordFilter, UnboundRecordFilter}
import java.lang.Iterable
import parquet.column.ColumnReader
import parquet.filter.ColumnRecordFilter._
import parquet.filter.ColumnPredicates._
object SparkParquetExample {
// This predicate will remove all amino acids that are not basic
class BasicAminoAcidPredicate extends UnboundRecordFilter {
def bind(readers: Iterable[ColumnReader]): RecordFilter = {
column("type", equalTo(AminoAcidType.BASIC)).bind(readers)
// Only prints non-null amino acids
private def aminoAcidPrinter(tuple: Tuple2[Void, AminoAcid]) = {
if (tuple._2 != null) println(tuple._2)
def main(args: Array[String]) {
val sc = new SparkContext("local", "ParquetExample")
val job = new Job()
val tempDir = Files.createTempDir()
val outputDir = new File(tempDir, "output").getAbsolutePath
val essentialAminoAcids = List(
new AminoAcid(AminoAcidType.BASIC, "histidine", "his", 155.16f),
new AminoAcid(AminoAcidType.ALIPHATIC, "isoleucine", "ile", 131.18f),
new AminoAcid(AminoAcidType.ALIPHATIC, "leucine", "leu", 131.18f),
new AminoAcid(AminoAcidType.BASIC, "lysine", "lys", 146.19f),
new AminoAcid(AminoAcidType.HYDROXYL, "methionine", "met", 149.21f),
new AminoAcid(AminoAcidType.AROMATIC, "phenylalanine", "phe", 165.19f),
new AminoAcid(AminoAcidType.HYDROXYL, "threonine", "thr", 119.12f),
new AminoAcid(AminoAcidType.AROMATIC, "tryptophan", "trp", 204.23f),
new AminoAcid(AminoAcidType.ALIPHATIC, "valine", "val", 117.15f))
// Configure the ParquetOutputFormat to use Avro as the serialization format
ParquetOutputFormat.setWriteSupportClass(job, classOf[AvroWriteSupport])
// You need to pass the schema to AvroParquet when you are writing objects but not when you
// are reading them. The schema is saved in Parquet file for future readers to use.
AvroParquetOutputFormat.setSchema(job, AminoAcid.SCHEMA$)
// Create a PairRDD with all keys set to null and wrap each amino acid in serializable objects
val rdd = sc.makeRDD( => (null, new SerializableAminoAcid(acid))))
// Save the RDD to a Parquet file in our temporary output directory
rdd.saveAsNewAPIHadoopFile(outputDir, classOf[Void], classOf[AminoAcid],
classOf[ParquetOutputFormat[AminoAcid]], job.getConfiguration)
// Read all the amino acids back to show that they were all saved to the Parquet file
ParquetInputFormat.setReadSupportClass(job, classOf[AvroReadSupport[AminoAcid]])
val file = sc.newAPIHadoopFile(outputDir, classOf[ParquetInputFormat[AminoAcid]],
classOf[Void], classOf[AminoAcid], job.getConfiguration)
// Set a predicate and Parquet only deserializes amino acids that are basic.
// Non-basic amino acids will returned as null.
ParquetInputFormat.setUnboundRecordFilter(job, classOf[BasicAminoAcidPredicate])
val filteredFile = sc.newAPIHadoopFile(outputDir, classOf[ParquetInputFormat[AminoAcid]],
classOf[Void], classOf[AminoAcid], job.getConfiguration)