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Massive Human Intelligence Project

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The Massive Human Intelligence Project comprises an interconnected set of projects that together have a vision of a world made better for humans, by decentralizing and federating information, knowledge, and wisdom for the benefit of all.

For more information, please contact Peter Kaminski.

Massive Wiki

Massive Wiki is a movement to create a wiki ecosystem (rather than just one engine) that provides classic wiki utility, with a plurality of tools and processes that enable decentralization and federation of the pages.

Knowledge Weavers

Knowledge Weavers offers real-time and post hoc information knowledge capture, summarization, and synthesis. Our human sensemakers offer their skills and talents to help you and your organization get the most out of conferences and events, text corpuses, and meetings.

Massive Decentralization

In a collective ecosystem of collectives of collectives, how can humans and decentralized organizations following the principle of subsidiarity connect and coordinate? What patterns allow us to be strong and flexible enough to respond effectively to local and global challenges?

Massive Decentralization maps one of a number of possible cooperating architectures for human-centered decentralization and federation. Since decentralization itself must be decentralized, we believe this is one way, but not the only way, to decentralize.

Keys and Values

Keys and Values offers application development services.

Collective Sense Commons

Collective Sense Commons is a public benefit project organized and supported by Peter Kaminski and others to provide coordination, communication, and sensemaking tools to help individuals and organizations that are involved with collective sensemaking.

Partner Organizations

MHI collaborates and partners with other organizations, including Open Global Mind, Catalist, Lionsberg, CICOLAB, and Flotilla.

MHI System Diagram

![[massive human intelligence project, 2022-05-24.png]]


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