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Contributing to Activity Fragment Manager

This document describes the contribution guidelines for Activity Fragment Manager.

Before starting a new feature or bug fix

When a new bug is detected or a new feature needs to be added there are some steps that need to be followed.

  1. Create a new issue with the full description.
  2. Create the sample for that feature, or update the sample if the bug fix changes de sample status.
  3. Create a wiki section for the feature, or update the existing section if the bug fix changes wiki status.
  4. Work on feature branch and PR when you're done.

DO and DON'Ts

  • DO give priority to the current style of the project or file you're changing even if it diverges from the general guidelines.
  • DO give priority to the current style of the project or file you're changing even if it diverges from the general guidelines.
  • DO include tests when adding new features. When fixing bugs, start with adding a test that highlights how the current behavior is broken.
  • DO keep the discussions focused. When a new or related topic comes up it's often better to create new issue than to side track the discussion.
    • DO submit all code changes via pull requests (PRs) rather than through a direct commit. PRs will be reviewed and potentially merged by the repo maintainers after a peer review that includes at least one maintainer.
  • DO give PRs short-but-descriptive names (e.g. "Improve code coverage for xpto by 10%", not "Fix #23")
  • DO tag any users that should know about and/or review the change.
  • DO ensure each commit successfully builds.
  • DO NOT submit "work in progress" PRs. A PR should only be submitted when it is considered ready for review and subsequent merging by the contributor.
  • DO NOT fix merge conflicts using a merge commit. Prefer git rebase.
  • DO NOT mix independent, unrelated changes in one PR. Separate real product/test code changes from larger code formatting/dead code removal changes. Separate unrelated fixes into separate PRs, especially if they are in different packages.
  • DO NOT send PRs for style changes.
  • DO NOT surprise us with big pull requests. Instead, file an issue and start a discussion so we can agree on a direction before you invest a large amount of time.
  • DO NOT commit code that you didn't write. If you find code that you think is a good fit to add to Activity Fragment Manager, file an issue and start a discussion before proceeding.
  • DO NOT submit PRs that alter licensing related files or headers. If you believe there's a problem with them, file an issue and we'll be happy to discuss it.
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