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MLib is a collection of commandline and system utilities for developing simple command line driven neko and haxelib tools.

mlib provides a lightweight command based structure for rapidly developing command line tools in neko. It's used to to develop and deploy various haxelib projects including mlib and munit.

MLib supports Haxe 2.10 and Haxe 3


haxelib install mlib

Core Libraries

Mlib includes several haxe and neko src packages:

  • massive.haxe (cross platform haxe APIs)
  • massive.sys (neko specific APIs for file access, command line, haxe and haxelib integration)
  • massive.mlib (command line tool (mlib) for managing development and deployment of haxelib projects)

Feature highlights

Expanded File APIs


  • recursive dir copy/move/delete
  • platform safe resolution of file paths

Simplified access to command line

See massive.sys.cmd.Console

  • separation of raw system arg into arguments ('foo') and options (-foo bar)
  • automatic detection and updating of working directory when running in haxelib libraries
  • convenience methods for prompting user input

Command line tool runner See massive.sys.cmd.CommandLineRunner

  • lightweight interface for mapping command line arguments to Command classes
  • automatic generation of command line help and command and
  • enabling of logging through -debug option

Using the mlib tool

mlib is also a command line tool provided for working with haxelib projects built on top of mlib.

To see a full list of available commands run mlib from the command line:

haxelib run mlib

It provides utility functions for the following:

  • Incrementing haxelib lib version
  • Packaging and installing to local haxelib library
  • Packaging and submitting project to haxelib server
  • Updating copyright/license information across all code files

Available commands

config (c) : Creates a .mlib config and haxelib.json file in the current directory
license (l) : Replaces the license text in the header of all hx files within a src directory
incrementVersion (v) : Increments the version number in the haxleib manifest (haxelib.json)
package (p) : Packages and zips up the current project for haxelib
install (i) : Installs local version of project to haxelib
submit : Submits project to haxelib server

Creating a mlib project.

haxelib run mlib config

This command generates a stub .mlib settings file in the current directory (and a haxelib.json file if it doesn't exist already).

To see an example of the settings file is in this repository .mlib

The settings file has the following xml format:

<mlib bin="bin">
		<resource type="src" path="haxe/src" />
		<resource type="src" path="neko/src" />
		<resource type="src" path="tool/src" dest=""/>
		<resource type="run" path="mlib.n" />
		<resource type="license" path="resource/license.mtt" />
		<resource path="file.txt" dest="dir/" />

mlib bin is a mandatory attribute specifying the the relative path to the bin directory (defaults to 'bin'). This is the location where the haxelib project and zip package will be generated.

Resources a list of resources to include in the haxelib package

resource path is a mandatory attribute specifying the relative or absolute path to a file or directory. Use a trailing slash '/' to target directories within a path (e.g. 'haxe/src/')

resource dest is an optional attribute to specify a specific path within the package

resource type is an optional attribute to indicate a special type of resource:

  • src: a src path to copy to the top level directory of the haxelib package (as recommended in the haxexlib documentation). This type is also used as default locations by the 'license' and 'allClasses' commands
  • run: a neko binary to use as the 'run.n' file within the haxelib package
  • license: a text file to use to generate copyright/license info across all classes in src packages. This type is used as the default location by the 'license' command

Building From Source

  1. run the build.hxml file to compile the test runner haxe build.hxml
  2. copy mlib.n to src/run.n cp mlib src/run.n
  3. Set haxelib dev path to src directory haxelib dev mlib pwd/src


mlibis a lightweight Haxe framework and toolchain for rapidly developing CLI tools for Neko and Haxelib.




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