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Todo App

This is a simple application demonstrating the main components of MMVC, running across JS, Flash and Neko targets.

This application requires Haxe 3.0 or greater.


This is a partially implemented Todo application, demonstrating the core elements of MMVC

  • configuring application via a Context (ApplicationContext)
  • loads a list of Todos from a file via a Command (LoadTodoListCommand)
  • updating contents of a managed Model (TodoList)
  • triggering commands via a Signal and listens to responses (LoadTodoList)
  • instanciating Mediators for registered Views (ApplicationViewMediator, TodoListViewMediator)

Building the app

Compile the js, flash and neko targets via the hxml file:

haxe build.hxml

Application Structure

The application source contains the following classes:

Main.hx // main entry point, instanciates application view and context


	/app // main application module

		ApplicationContext.hx       // application Context
		ApplicationView.hx          // application View
		ApplicationViewMediator.hx	// application Mediator

	/core // bare-bones cross platform View classes

		View.hx  // simple cross platform View class with concrete implementations for JS and Flash
		DataView // View with typed data property (useful for Views bound to a specific data object)


			LoadTodoListCommand.hx 	// MMVC Command for loading external TodoList
			Todo.hx                 // todo data object
			TodoList.hx             // collection of todos
			LoadTodoList.hx         // signal for loading TodoList and handling responses
			TodoListView.hx         // View for TodoList
			TodoListViewMediator.hx // Mediator for TodoList. Triggers call to LoadTodoList
			TodoView.hx             // View for inidividual Todo items
			TodoStatsView.hx        // Summary of current todo list + button to create new Todo