A Haxe port of the ActionScript 3 Signals library that leverages Haxe type parameters. Supports AVM1, AVM2, JavaScript, Neko and C++.
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Signals are highly scalable and lightweight alternative to Events.

msignal.Signal is a type safe port of Robert Penner’s AS3 Signals leveraging Haxe generics.


  • Avoids costly native event bubbling on different platforms (e.g. HTML DOM events) that impact performance
  • Type safe signature for dispatching and observer handlers
  • Typing excluded from output (lighter, cleaner code without compromising integrity)

You can download some examples of msignal usage here.


All required classes can be imported through msignal.Signal

import msignal.Signal;

Basic usage

var signal = new Signal0();
signal.add(function(){ trace("signal dispatched!"); })


class MySignal extends Signal2<String, Int>
	public function new()

Typed parameters

var signal = new Signal1<String>();
signal.add(function(i:Int){}); // error: Int -> Void should be String -> Void
signal.dispatch(true) // error Bool should be String

Numbers of parameters:

var signal0 = new Signal0();
var signal1 = new Signal1<String>();
var signal2 = new Signal2<String, String>();


var signal = new Signal0();
var slot = signal.add(function(){});
slot.enabled = false;
signal.dispatch(); // slot will not dispatch

Slot parameters:

var signal2 = new Signal2<String, String>();
var slot = signal.add(function(s1, s2){ trace(s1 + " " + s2); });
slot.param1 = "Goodbye";
signal.dispatch("Hello", "Mr Bond"); // traces: Goodbye Mr Bond