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Web Templates for 365stops.ORG

What's this page for?

This page hosts the template data for all stories and DeskThemePack 'hardlink' pages on my site. If a hardlink does not exist, a 'softlink' to another site's page will be maintained until a hard link is created.

When should we see updates to this?

Updates are made if the style or syntax is substantially changed, or if I add a new feature.

What's so special about these templates?

I have made them printer and mobile friendly. Story pages will show the drop characters during the print process. I originally used this feature because I used images as drop characters, but decided to backport the @media convention to drop characters sitewide. A viewport rule was created for the dimensions on account of some users reporting weird proportions on their mobile devices. In addition, the width of the page is increased to 90% or more to utilize available page space.

What are the color schemes for your site? I noticed two different ones.

Glad you asked. My website's source is completely viewable because I've ignored my WordPress plugin. Check out 365stops.css and 365stops-nite.css and see for yourself. I've added them to this site so you can observe the changes made. I have abandoned the quest to see if I could let users pick, because that means you'd have to consent to cookies.

These ideas can't possibly be yours.

You'd be right. In those same CSS files, I try to include a link to sites where I got the ideas from so others can create solutions for themselves. Bootstrap sounds nice, but I want to see how far I can push myself first.


a collection of templates I use on my website. Templates allow for standardization. Don't hotlink - download it here instead.