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UNMAINTAINED - QuickCheck implementations for common types
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This library is not maintained

I wrote this library to eliminate the need to write orphan instances when using QuickCheck. However, I have reluctantly concluded that orphan instances, though evil, are the lesser of other evils in this situation. Idiomatic QuickCheck code uses Arbitrary instances, and trying to go without them introduces an enormous amount of boilerplate. QuickCheck is designed around the assumption that interesting types will have Arbitrary instances, so some features become very difficult to use without Arbitrary instances. Examples include Test.QuickCheck.Function, as well as generation of functions even if you aren't using Test.QuickCheck.Function.

I would never release a library with orphan instances, so another reason I wrote this library was to facilitate reuse: I wouldn't post a library with orphan QuickCheck instances, but I would post a library with non-overloaded generators. This allowed me to post libraries that had reusable generators that other packages can use. This turned out to be a maintenance headache though. It's simpler to just write modules with the orphan instances, include them in the source code for a library, and then cut and paste the orphan instances into downstream libraries that want to use them.

Currently I simply write the orphan instances but I keep them in a separate test executable so that they're not in the library, which also avoids adding a QuickCheck dependency to the library (which was another objective of Barecheck.)

If you want the rights to upload future Barecheck packages to Hackage, let me know. Alternatively, of course you can always fork it :)


This library provides generators, shrinkers, and coarbitrary QuickCheck implementations for several data types that are distributed with GHC and in the Haskell Platform.

The library does not provide implementations through the QuickCheck Arbitrary and CoArbitrary classes. Instead, they are provided through ordinary, non-overloaded functions. This avoids problems with orphan instances.

This library has no association with the QuickCheck library or its authors or maintainers. Any bugs are my fault and may be reported at


This library is licensed through the BSD license; please see the LICENSE file.

Pull requests

I have implemented generators, shrinkers, and coarbitrary implementations for things that I have found useful so far. If you have additional ones you would like included (and they are for types that are in the Haskell Platform), please feel free to submit a pull request:

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