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modify comments regarding feed, several, and manyTill

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1 parent e14d2c2 commit e41b7562d5b6dd98f4e756c8c737ea819569bacf @massysett committed Feb 26, 2012
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  1. +6 −18 System/Console/MultiArg/Prim.hs
24 System/Console/MultiArg/Prim.hs
@@ -714,6 +714,7 @@ nonOptionPosArg = ParserT $ \s ->
let newSt = increment s { remaining = xs }
return (result, newSt)
-- | manyTill p e runs parser p repeatedly until parser e succeeds.
-- More precisely, first it runs parser e. If parser e succeeds, then
@@ -772,19 +773,9 @@ parseTill s fr ff = ff s >>= \r ->
then error "parseTill applied to parser that takes empty list"
else return $ Till (g:gs) lS lF
--- Do not implement several in terms of feed. For example:
--- several p = feed (const p) (lookAhead p) ()
--- The problem with this implementation is that ParserT is a monad
--- transformer; this code has no idea what the underlying monad is
--- doing. So this implementation would run @lookAhead p@ multiple
--- times, which might be undesirable. Maybe it deletes files, or does
--- lots of IO--this code can't know.
--- This code would work fine though if ParserT weren't a monad
--- transformer (maybe it would be a little slower, but in practice who
--- cares.)
+-- It is impossible to implement several and manyTill in terms of
+-- feed, as there is no easy way to specify what the starting value of
+-- the state for feed would be.
-- | several p runs parser p zero or more times and returns all the
-- results. This proceeds like this: parser p is run and, if it
@@ -801,11 +792,8 @@ parseTill s fr ff = ff s >>= \r ->
-- multiple times that parses an option and arguments to the
-- option. If the arguments fail to parse, then several will fail.
--- This function provides the implementation for 'many' in
--- "Control.Applicative.Alternative".
--- This function is /not/ implemented by using 'feed'; comments in the
--- source code explain why.
+-- This function provides the implementation for
+-- 'Control.Applicative.Alternative.many'.
several ::
(Monad m)
=> ParserT s e m a

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