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DEPRECATED - Stream data to and from subprocesses using Pipes
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I no longer maintain this library. There may be bugs in it. Getting exception-safe interprocess communication right in a general way is difficult, and I'm not sure it's a worthwhile problem to solve, so for the time being I have given up on it.


pipes-cliff helps you spawn subprocesses and send data to and from them with the Pipes library. Subprocesses are opened using the process library, and the processes and handles are properly cleaned up even if there are exceptions.

Though this library uses the Pipes library, I have not coordinated with the author of the Pipes library in any way. Any bugs or design flaws are mine and should be reported to

Though I hope pipes-cliff works on Windows systems, I have only tested it on Unix-like systems. Any reports on how this library works on Windows are appreciated.

Why the name?

It's named after Cliff Clavin, the mailman on the TV show Cheers. pipes-cliff uses mailboxes to send information to and from subprocesses.

The obvious name, pipes-process, has already been taken. At the time of this writing, I saw at least two libraries with this name, though neither was posted to Hackage.

Similar libraries

Take a look at these other libraries; they might meet your needs.

Dealing specifically with subprocesses and streaming

  • process-streaming

  • pipes-shell

  • Data.Conduit.Process

Larger scripting frameworks

  • HSH

  • Turtle

  • Shelly

Also, look at this discussion on the Pipes mailing list:


This package is released under the BSD3 license. Please see the LICENSE file.

Building this project

The Cabal file for this project is generated using the Cartel package. To generate the Cabal file, simply run sh buildprep. You must run this command from the project's main directory. You will need to have the stack program installed.

Stack is available at:

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