Handle colorful text output on 8 and 256 color terminals
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Latest commit e9ed7fb Jul 9, 2016 @massysett massysett Replace microlens with lens-simple
As of 2016-07-09, microlens- has broken Haddocks with GHC 8.
I believe this is due to a Haddock bug, not a microlens bug.
Nonetheless the problem remains, and it prevents all Haddocks from
being built unless the Stack --no-haddock-deps flag is used, which
makes reading Haddocks much harder.  So I am switching to
lens-simple, which does not have this problem.



rainbow helps you build colorful output for both 8- and 256-color terminals. It works only on Unix-like operating systems.

rainbow is on Github:


and Hackage:


rainbow is licensed under the BSD license; see the LICENSE file.

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If you are having trouble getting Rainbow to build, please see the build results link immediately above. Previous builds are archived here and this might help you resolve any dependency issues.