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Convolutional Attention Network

Code related to the paper:

  title={A Convolutional Attention Network for Extreme Summarization of Source Code},
  author={Allamanis, Miltiadis and Peng, Hao and Sutton, Charles},
  booktitle={International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML)},

For more information and the data of the paper, see here.

The project depends on Theano and uses Python 2.7.

Usage Instructions

To train the copy_attention model with the data use

> python <training_file> <max_num_epochs> <D> <test_file>

were D is the embedding space dimenssion (128 in paper.) The best model will be saved at <training_file>.pkl

To evaluate an existing model re-run with exactly the same parameteres except for <max_num_epochs> which should be zero.

The following code will generate names from a pre-trained model and a test_file with code examples.

model = ConvolutionalCopyAttentionalRecurrentLearner.load(model_fname)
test_data, original_names = model.naming_data.get_data_in_recurrent_copy_convolution_format(test_file, model.padding_size)
test_name_targets, test_code_sentences, test_code, test_target_is_unk, test_copy_vectors = test_data

idx = 2  # pick an example from test_file
res = model.predict_name(np.atleast_2d(test_code[idx]))
print "original name:", ' '.join(original_names[idx].split(','))
print "code:", ' '.join(test_code[idx])
print "generated names:"
for r,v in res:
    print v, ' '.join(r)