ICMP ECHO Ping with Gevent
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An asynchronous, event-driven, pure-python ping implementation using raw sockets based on gevent. This is a fork of the python-ping project replacing its internal machinery with gevent. The point is to have an event driven ping utility for doing a huge number of concurrent pings efficiently.


Run on the commandline

# Ping some hostnames
gping --hostnames=gnu.org,fsf.org,google.com,microsoft.com,googleusercontent.com,live.com,stackoverflow.com,,,,192.168.999.1

Demo with 100 concurrent pings

# Ping the top 100 domains
time python gping.py

Use as library

from gping import GPing

gp = GPing()
gp.send("", test_callback)


From Python Package Index

This should be easy on your average *nix box, just type:

sudo pip install gping

From GitHub

This way of installing gping is suitable for hacking on it:

git clone https://github.com/mastahyeti/gping.git
cd gping
virtualenv .venv27
source .venv27/bin/activate
python setup.py develop

License and Credits

The python-ping project was started by Matthew Dixon Cowles.

- copyleft 1989-2016 by the python-ping team, see AUTHORS for more details.
- license: GNU GPL v2, see LICENSE for more details.

It was forked and ported to gevent by Ben Toews. Since then, this program is now called appropriately GPing.

He says:

I have left the license and authors information intact, but this project seems to have a long history or forks and such so I am probably somehow pissing someone off or violating some license. Let me know if this is the case and I will be better.