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@zathras-crypto zathras-crypto released this Jul 8, 2015

Omni Core v0.0.9.2

v0.0.9.2 is a minor release and not consensus critical in terms of the Omni Layer protocol rules. Due to recent events related to the Bitcoin network, it is recommended to upgrade to this version.

Please report bugs using the issue tracker on GitHub:


On 4 July 2015, after the activation of BIP 66, a handful of miners accidently started to create invalid blocks, which may not be detected by outdated clients. This can result in transaction confirmations that aren't valid on the main chain of the Bitcoin network.

For further information about this incident, please see:

How to Upgrade

If you are running an older version, shut it down. Wait until it has completely shut down (which might take a few minutes for older versions), then copy the new version of mastercored or mastercore-qt.

If you are upgrading from any version earlier than 0.0.9, the first time you run you must start with the --startclean parameter at least once to refresh the persistence files.


Downgrading is currently not supported as older versions will not provide accurate information.

Notable changes

This release upgrades the underlying code base of Omni Core from Bitcoin Core 0.9.3 to Bitcoin Core 0.9.5.

Please see the official release notes of Bitcoin Core 0.9.5, as well as the historical release notes of Omni Core for details about recent changes.

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@zathras-crypto zathras-crypto released this Mar 9, 2015 · 41 commits to mscore-0.0.9 since this release

Omni Core v0.0.9.1-rel

IMPORTANT: By default this software will use your existing Bitcoin wallet, including spending bitcoins contained therein (for example for transaction fees or trading). Backup your existing Bitcoin wallet before using this software.

  • This version does not support a Bitcoin Core v0.10 blockchain (due to out of order block storage) - if you intend to share the same data directory with Bitcoin Core please use a 0.9.x branch.
  • This is the first experimental release of Omni Layer support in the QT UI, please be vigilant with testing and do not risk large amounts of Bitcoin and Omni Layer tokens.
  • The transaction index is no longer defaulted to enabled. You will need to ensure you have txindex=1 in your configuration file.
  • If you are upgrading from a version earlier than 0.0.9 you must start with the --startclean parameter at least once to refresh your persistence files.
  • The first time Omni Core is run the startup process may take an hour or more as existing Omni Layer transactions are parsed. This is normal and should only be required the first time Omni Core is run.

Distributions supported for this release: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Windows
Binaries are 64bit.

Archive includes:

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@zathras-crypto zathras-crypto released this Feb 3, 2015 · 313 commits to mscore-0.0.9 since this release

Please read the README for full installation instructions

Distributions supported for this release: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
Version 0.0.9-rel
Binary is 64bit.

Built with:
Boost 1.54
BerkeleyDB 4.8

Archive includes:

Relase Notes - MasterCore 0.0.9-rel

+This release is consensus critical. You MUST update before block 342650. After block 342650 prior versions WILL provide incorrect data
+This release modifies the schema. You MUST reparse when upgrading (run once with the --startclean option)
+Integrators should regularly poll getinfo_MP for any alerts to ensure they are kept aprised of any urgent issues

  • Mainnet Send To Owners transaction processing is live from block 342650
  • STO support added to listtransactions_MP
  • STO RPC calls getsto_MP and sendtoowners_MP added
  • Added --startclean option to automate reparsing (removal of MP_ state folders etc)
  • Alerting system added including evaluation and shutdown in event of new protocol messages being made live that are unsupported by client
  • getinfo_MP RPC call added
  • Numerous bugfixes
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