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@mastercoms mastercoms released this
· 11 commits to develop since this release
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Highlights: bug fixes

Support me: Learn how you can support more updates to mastercomfig!

How to install: Instructions on setting up mastercomfig initially and get it working with your custom files.

How to update: Instructions on updating mastercomfig after you've already installed it.

What's Changed


  • Updated vote menu configuration for the June 21 patch



  • Deprecated bandwidth=8.0Mbps. No longer selectable in the UI, and existing usages will redirect to bandwidth=6.0Mbps
    • Just because this is a valid value within Source's raw limits, it does not mean it is a valid value for actual usage. We have observed many problems stemming from this value being too large, and CS:GO which provides bandwidth customization only goes up to 6.0Mbps.

Snapshot Buffer

  • Removed snapshot_buffer=low. No longer selectable in the UI, and existing usages will no longer select the module level, and instead default to snapshot_buffer=auto. However, snapshot_buffer_low is still available to manually use: alias snapshot_buffer snapshot_buffer_low.
    • Having an accessible way to set this option didn't make sense, as it was confusing to many people whose network/server conditions would actively make it harmful to select this option. This option should only be reserved for people who are explicitly knowing what they're setting. At this current time, we recommend snapshot_buffer=auto in all cases except for LAN gameplay. This is because it reduces snapshot buffer where it is decently safe and beneficial to do so, while taking advantage of the safer lag compensation of higher values otherwise.


  • Fixed cases on certain system configurations where certain long stutters in-game (mostly from freezecams) would enter a feedback loop with mastercomfig's workaround to enable blocky lighting (on lighting=very_low and lighting=low).
    • Blocky lighting will no longer work automatically anymore. You will have to enter mat_filterlightmaps 1;mat_filterlightmaps 0 in console yourself every time you join a new map/server.


  • Improved instructions for when the app needs an update
  • Fixed default not being selected when the current user selection doesn't exist


  • Increased suggested requirements for using -no_texture_stream
  • Added information about IO schedulers to the Linux optimization suggestions
  • Slightly improved wording/information about native libraries on Linux optimizations

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