Link Slack to Minecraft!
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#SlackMC Link Slack to Minecraft!


  • Exchange messages between Minecraft and Slack
  • Console log, chat log, join/quit log, and remote console built in
  • Extend SlackMC with your own plugins using our API
  • Exempt specified commands from being sent to Slack
  • Filter players with permissions from Slack


Direct download

BukkitDev download Note: Take this BukkitDev labeling with caution. There is some skeptism about the effectiveness of it. You can take my word that SlackMC can be trusted, but I would encourage you to check the source yourself, or if you can't read code, check to see if a developer trusts this code. You might also want to compile it yourself or get someone you trust to compile it for you.

##Installation Put either the API jar or the plugin jar into your plugins folder. If you only want to use Slack on demand using the API, use the API jar. If you want the API features, access to the API using commands, and the logging and remote console features, use the plugin jar.

For more in depth tutorials, please refer to the wiki.

##Compatibility SlackMC will work on any BungeeCord, Bukkit or Sponge system. It has been verified to work with Spigot, PaperSpigot, CraftBukkit, BungeeCord, Glowstone, Sponge, Granite, Forge, and Cauldron.

##Notes SlackMC is not created by, affiliated with, or supported by Slack Technologies, Inc. The use of the name Slack within the product name SlackMC and the use of Slack branding only signifies integration with Slack, as SlackMC's only purpose is to provide a Slack wrapper for Minecraft.