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@mastercoms mastercoms released this Apr 3, 2018 · 371 commits to release since this release

Highlights: bug fixes and performance improvements

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  • HUD smooths out network updates slightly faster
  • Fixed typo in hud_combattext_batching_window
  • Enabled async model loading by default, resulting in less hitches when loading extra content in-game
  • Models are now locked on load and are flushed out on map changes using mod_lock_mdls_on_load 1
    • This may solve some hitching issues that resulted from loading content in and out of cache
    • Feedback will monitored on this command to see its memory/hitching tradeoff
  • Changed back to a fully async sound system by default
  • Increased the default sound shift delay to give the sound system more room when under load
  • Disabled all async sound system console logging spew
  • Improved memory cleanup operations on class changes to flush soundscapes, anims and decals
    • This should improve performance on relatively longer play sessions
  • Added documentation to the installation instructions saying you can use a game_overrides_c.cfg file to run something in all of your class configs


SSD addon

  • Removed due to unified disk performance optimizations by default


MSAA module

  • Fixed aa_msaa modules not being defined properly

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