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@mastercoms mastercoms released this Jun 29, 2019 · 30 commits to release since this release

Highlights: bug fixes and performance improvements

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  • Make colorblind mode default
  • Enable console by default
  • Increase FPS limit from 160 to 181
  • Skip applying a few subjective settings:
    • Dashboard slide offset
    • Bonus ducks sound effect cooldown
    • Building damage beeps
    • Robot destruction beep time
    • Contract notification line delay
  • Comment or remove out some default settings
  • Remove DSP volume adjustments
  • Disable threaded rendering, as it may be causing some bugs with models and visibility


  • Remove interp alias shortcut, as it is only meant to be used internally
  • Remove snapshots=balanced shortcut as snapshots_balanced does not exist

Motion blur

  • Disable forward motion blur, as it has a buggy distort effect
  • Fix low having 0.8 strength instead of 0.5 like high
  • Blur percent of screen from 1.5 to 2.5


  • Remove VGUI AA, as it only works on Xbox 360


  • Props low replaces medium (they were the same)
  • Props very low is now low


  • Always use rope_averagelight 1


  • Fix textures=very_low not working


  • Enable same frame tracing for ultra


  • Standardize module setting order
  • Remove redundant messages=enable module from being set in presets

Very Low

  • Fix networking modules not being set properly
  • Clean up some stuff from systemic changes

Medium Low

  • Textures high to low


  • Experiment with not setting r_rootlod or mat_picmip

Medium High

  • Experiment with not setting r_rootlod or mat_picmip

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