A simple queue for NodeJS, with usage similar to Resque in RoR
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A simple queue for NodeJS, with usage similar to Resque in RoR

Install pm2 globally

 npm install pm2 -g

Installing module in Node Applicaiton

 npm install node-simple-queue


Application sometimes require to do some job later. Node Simple Queue is a really simple way to manage a job that application needs to do in background.

Folder Structure from parent directory

├─ config/
│   ├── environments
│   │   ├── development.js
│   │   ├── dev.js
│   │   ├── production.js
│   │   ├── staging.js
│   ├── job_handlers
│   │   ├── TestClass.js

To define some job you want to perform later, you need to define the job, job is a simple Javascript class that has perform method:

var TestJob=function(){}
	done(null,true) // if your job is successful
	done(err)  // if your job fails

Next we need to put the job on the queue

var NodeQueue=require('node-simple-queue').NodeQueue;
var queue=new NodeQueue();

in the above snippet of code you need to create the instance of NodeQueue class and then call enqueueJob(queue,job_class_name,data) method. Below are the 3 parameters of the function

->queue 			: Name of the queue in which you need to put this job
->job_class_name	: Name of the Job Class (String)
->data				: Data that you need to pass to perform method of your job class. Data can be String or JSON Object.

Simple! This will be stored in MongoDB.

Now we can start up a worker to grab some work off of the queue and do the work:

$> cd <to-your-project>
$> NODE_ENV=environments/development pm2 start node_modules/node-simple-queue/bin/node-simple-queue -i 2 -- -a QUEUE=Queue1,Queue2,Queue3 [options]

Options available are as follows: QUEUE - Name of the queue. DB_CONFIG - Its the name of configuration in your configuration JSON, if this parameter is passed, then you need to have NODE_ENV.js file in config folder. PID - Path where process ids need to be stored, it is optional. JOB_TIMEOUT - It is the time after which if job is running then, it will stop that job and mark it for error, it is in milliseconds Default: 60000.

  • To Start worker without priority :

NODE_ENV=environments/development pm2 start node_modules/node-simple-queue/bin/node-simple-queue -i 2 -- -a QUEUE=Queue1,Queue2,Queue3 DB_CONFIG=db_config JOB_TIMEOUT=120000

  • Description:
    • Create development.js file inside config/environments folder.
		module.exports = {
		    "db_config": {
		        "username": "",
        		"name": "",
		        "host": "",
		        "port": "27017",
		        "db_name": "node-queue"
- It will create 2 instance of node-simple-queue for Queue1,Queue2,Queue3,DB_CONFIG,JOB_TIMEOUT passed as arguments
- -i 2 : Start 2 instances of application in cluster mode
  • To Start worker with priority :

pm2 start node_modules/node-simple-queue/bin/node-simple-queue -i 2 -- -a QUEUE=Queue1:153,Queue2:5,Queue3:67 DB_CONFIG=db_config JOB_TIMEOUT=120000

  • Description:
    • node-simple-queue process job based on queue priority.
  • To Start worker with priority of some queue :

pm2 start node_modules/node-simple-queue/bin/node-simple-queue -i 2 -- -a QUEUE=Queue1,Queue2:10,Queue3 DB_CONFIG=db_config JOB_TIMEOUT=120000

  • Description:
    • It will assign same priority to Queue1 and Queue3 and take jobs of Queue2 first, Queue1 second and Queue3 third
  • Error occur if worker parameter not passed properly :

pm2 start node_modules/node-simple-queue/bin/node-simple-queue -i 2 -- -a DB_CONFIG=db_config JOB_TIMEOUT=120000

  • Description:
    • If Queue name is not defined then it will not start worker
  • To stop worker :

    • Syantax : pm2 stop [worker id]
    • Command : pm2 stop 5
  • To restart worker :

    • Syantax : pm2 restart [worker id]
    • Command : pm2 restart 5
  • To scale(increase) worker :

    • Syantax : pm2 scale [appname] No. of worker

    • Command : pm2 scale myAppp 10

    • Description : It will create 10 worker of myApp

    • Command : pm2 scale myAppp +3

    • Description : It will add 3 worker of myApp

  • To delete all worker :

    • Syantax : pm2 delete [worker id]

    • Command : pm2 delete 5

    • Description : It will delete worker of id 5

    • Command : pm2 delete all

    • Description : It will delete alll worker

  • For Pm2 help :

    • Command : pm2 -h
    • Description : It will show all the command and option list of pm2

That's all you have to do for starting the Workers