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Updated the readme with a correct link to the wiki, and modified info
about the refactor.
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# PHP Thumb
-## NOTICE - from Jarrod Nettles (the forker)
-I've made some very radical changes to this library in getting it ready for PHP 5.3. My goals are to get it into a
-PSR-0 compliant state and into packagist as such so that it can be easily used in any project. If you intend to use my
-code, bear in mind that most of the documentation is no longer relevant. Instead, look at the examples folder in the project
-as I've updated each of them to reflect the new API.
-The API is still in flux, as I haven't exactly pinned down where I'd like to take some parts so take anything you
-see with a grain of salt.
+## NOTICE -
+This project was recently updated to 2.0 and is PSR-0 compliant and supports Composer integration. Some parts of the documentation
+are incorrect as they haven't been updated for the new version. Your 1.0 code is not compatible with 2.0! Please review the updated
+examples for how to use the new version.
PHP Thumb is a light-weight image manipulation library
aimed at thumbnail generation. It features the ability to
@@ -22,8 +16,7 @@ It also features the ability to perform multiple manipulations per
instance (also known as chaining), without the need to save and
re-initialize the class with every manipulation.
-More information and documentation is available at the project's
-homepage: [](
+More information and documentation is available at the project's wiki: [](
## Documentation / Help
@@ -36,4 +29,4 @@ find documentation / help:
## License
-PHP Thumb is released under MIT license.
+PHP Thumb is released under MIT license.

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