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+imageFilter: simple wrapper for GD function #39

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simple wrapper for GD function, so we can use filters via

thanks for you work!


How do I use filtered to have a black and white for example?
Can we make a simple plugin to transform a black and white using filter?
Best regards


if you need a grayscale image as output, you can do:


where $thumb is your PhpThumb object :)

ofc, your server needs to be able to use imageFilters, there's a note in php docs:
This function is only available if PHP is compiled with the bundled version of the GD library.

which, incidentally, i discovered by myself today D:


thank you, I commented on my ticket about creating a plugin.
It is finished and being tested :)
see my ticket : #51

@masterexploder masterexploder merged commit 42b7524 into masterexploder:master

Nice work!! I had actually just created a plugin to do just this but It's nice to have it in the source code. Should of checked here first :)


Hello I also created a plugin to do tha
t and more, which turns black and white, sepia, customization
How to mail it in via my github account?
I discover github :)

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@@ -840,6 +840,41 @@ public function rotateImageNDegrees ($degrees)
+ * Applies a filter to the image
+ *
+ * @param int $filter
+ * @return GdThumb
+ */
+ public function imageFilter ($filter, $arg1 = false, $arg2 = false, $arg3 = false, $arg4 = false)
+ {
+ if (!is_numeric($filter))
+ {
+ throw new InvalidArgumentException('$filter must be numeric');
+ }
+ if (!function_exists('imagefilter'))
+ {
+ throw new RuntimeException('Your version of GD does not support image filters.');
+ }
+ $result = false;
+ if ( $arg1 === false ) $result = imagefilter($this->oldImage, $filter);
+ else if ( $arg2 === false ) $result = imagefilter($this->oldImage, $filter, $arg1);
+ else if ( $arg3 === false ) $result = imagefilter($this->oldImage, $filter, $arg1, $arg2);
+ else if ( $arg4 === false ) $result = imagefilter($this->oldImage, $filter, $arg1, $arg2, $arg3);
+ else $result = imagefilter($this->oldImage, $filter, $arg1, $arg2, $arg3, $arg4);
+ if (!$result)
+ {
+ throw new RuntimeException('GD imagefilter failed');
+ }
+ $this->workingImage = $this->oldImage;
+ return $this;
+ }
+ /**
* Shows an image
* This function will show the current image by first sending the appropriate header
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