Release Notes

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Version 3.0.066 (Released 10/26/09

  • Fixed Ticket #12, which outlined a few PHP 5.3 compatibility issues
  • Added support for working with file streams (i.e. creating an instance with data from a DB or file_get_contents)

Version 3.0.064 (Released 07/17/09)

  • Fixed Ticket #8, which requested ability to work with remote images. This is now supported
  • Fixed problems with newer versions of GD, which changed “JPG Support” to “JPEG Support”. This would throw exceptions about lack of support for JPG images, which is obviously wrong :)

Version 3.0.053 (Released 06/22/09)

  • Added more robust require_once stuff to the base file so the library still properly includes files when the calling file is not a peer of the Thumb Lib. See Ticket #4 for more info
  • Added ability to save in different format than original image. See Ticket #6 for more info and updated documentation at Basic Usage
  • Fixed size calculation issues with rounding that would cause weird results (off by 1 pixel on dimensions). See Ticket #5 for more info.