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A C++ API to interact with Google Voice.
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*** THE WHY ***
I wrote this basically because I wanted to be able to send/recv SMS's from my C++ programs.
Unfortunately, all of the APIs for Google Voice that I've seen out there are either in PHP or Perl
or some other crap.  Hopefully someone else will find this C++ API useful.

It is far from finished or pretty, but I plan to take it fairly far (be able to check for msgs,
make voice calls, turn this into an actual library [libgooglevoice?], etc).

Im going to assume you've successfully compiled something before on your box using GNU's make...
This program needs just g++, make, and two non-standard libraries (libcurl and libboost-regex).
If you have them, great!  If not, they are very easy to find and install.  If you are running a
Ubuntu-flavor: "sudo apt-get install libcurl4-gnutls-dev libboost-regex1.40" and you are set!

Okay, this is the hard part: just type make.  Thats it.  You'll end up with a 'gvapi' binary and
that's all you to use it. An example:

	./gvapi -u coolguser -p mygmailsecret -n 5552020023 -m 'Hey, I can text from the CLI!'

Later, when I get some actual sleep, I'll write a more detailed guide for those who are not running
Ubuntu (or some variant) and for those who want to use it for it's intended purpose --as a C/C++
library that can be easily linked to your existing code.

-- MM.  100924 04:30.
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