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pronounced "hive sample" IPA: haɪvˈsæm.pəl

This project is an evolving template for a responsive HTML5 page. It can be used for various means, from creating static websites, over building a CMS template, to using it in documentation tools like pandoc.


  • dist Folder with files for distribution of the template
    • template.html HTML template file without content, linked to the default style
    • test.*.html HTML files for demonstration of the template
    • css Folder with CSS files of the template
      • reset.css, base.css For demonstration purpose only
      • style.*.css The different styles of the templates CSS
      • style.*.mini.css Minified versions of the different styles of the templates CSS – The final output of this project
  • src Folder with source files for the template
    • css Folder with LESS code files for CSS generation
    • html Folder with HTML content for template demonstration and usage
    • img Folder with demo images
  • bower.json Bower component description file
  • gulpfile.js Build automation with Gulp
  • package.json Project description and NPM dependencies for the build process


You can find the style demo as GitHub Pages for this project.