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Publishes Cucumber-JVM reports on Jenkins
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Please Note This Ruby Version is Experimental

Please be aware that this ruby plugin is experimental and may be unstable on jenkins. Also it requires the latest version of jenkins as well as having the ruby-runtime plugin installed.

At the moment I recommend using the java version of this plugin

Publish pretty cucumber-jvm reports on Jenkins

This is a pure Ruby Jenkins plugin which publishes pretty html reports showing the results of cucumber-jvm runs.


Cucumber-JVM is a test automation tool following the principles of Behavioural Driven Design and living documentation. Specifications are written in a concise human readable form and executed in continuous integration.

This plugin allows Jenkins to publish the results as pretty html reports hosted by the Jenkins build server. In order for this plugin to work you must be using the JUnit runner and generating a json report. The plugin converts the json report into an overview html linking to separate feature file htmls with stats and results.


  1. Get Jenkins.

  2. Install the ruby-runtime plugin and the cucumber-jvm-reports plugin.

  3. Restart Jenkins.


With the cucumber-jvm-reports plugin installed in Jenkins, you simply check the "Publish cucumber results as a report" box in the publish section of the build config and enter the path to the json reports relative to the workspace:

check the publish cucumber-jvm-reports box

When a build runs that publishes cucumber-jvm results it will put a link in the sidepanel to the cucumber reports. There is a feature overview page:

feature overview page

And there are also feature specific results pages:

feature specific page passing

And useful information for failures:

feature specific page passing

Make sure you have configured cucumber-jvm to run with the JUnit runner and to generate a json report:

package net.masterthought.example;

import cucumber.junit.Cucumber;
import org.junit.runner.RunWith;

@Cucumber.Options(format = {"pretty", "html:target/cucumber", "json:target/cucumber.json"})
public class ATMTest {


Interested in contributing to the Jenkins cucumber-jvm-reports plugin? Great! Start here.

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