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MySQL Server SNMP Agent.
Copyright (c) 2008,2009 Brice Figureau <>
mysql-snmp is a MySQL Net-SNMP agent written in Perl, and using the Net-Snmp
Perl bindings.
It connects to a mysql server and returns information to Net-SNMP when needed.
It parses SHOW INNODB STATUS and other MySQL status variables.
This work is based on Baron Schwartz Mysql Cacti Templates, available at:
This work is based on the blog post about a SNMP agent:
This software is released under the GPL v2.
This package requires Net-SNMP version 5.4.3 or better. Previous versions have bugs preventing
returning 64 bits MIBs objects correctly from a perl agentX.
Please build the package:
$ dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -uc- b
and install it
Then, modify /etc/default/mysql-snmp
Modify the Makefile, and:
$ sudo make install
Then create an init.d startup script. You can look to the debian one
in debian/init.d
Install the MIB file in your mibs directory.
Configure net-snmp
master agentx
to /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf, and restart snmpd
Make sure the mysql-snmp agent is able to open the agentX socket (permissions
and location of said socket can be managed with the snmpd.conf agentXPerms
Configure mysql-snmp
Under debian, the daemon can be configured with /etc/default/mysql-snmp.
On all platform, the configuration is done with command line arguments:
-h|--host HOST connect to mysql HOST
-P|--port PORT port to connect to (default 3306)
-u|--user DBUSER use DBUSER as user to connect to mysql
-p|--password DBPASS use DBPASS as password to connect to mysql
-c|--config FILE read MySQL configuration from FILE
-m|--master check master
-s|--slave check slave
-b|--heartbeat DB.TABLE table for Percona Toolkit pt-heartbeat
--oid OID registering OID
enable the MySQL process list
-i|--refresh refresh interval in seconds
You can specify the mysql connection parameters in a config file using my.cnf format, like this:
For example:
You'll find in the opennms directory the various configuration snippets
that can be used to let opennms graph the value reported by this agent.
Add the content of opennms/mysql.datacollection-config.xml to
your datacollection-config.xml file.
Then add this group to your hosts:
<systemDef name="Net-Snmp">
And now, add the graph definitions from the opennms/ file
to your