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Example dns zone/rr type with a fog provider - This provider was created as the example for an article on Puppet Type/Provider development.


Puppet DNS module

This is a set of two types and providers to manage hosted DNS systems. This is done with the help of the ruby library Fog, so it can manage AWS Route 53, Zerigo and other DNS hosters.


dnszone {
        ensure => present,
        email => "",
        yaml_fog_file => "./fog.yaml"

dnsrr {
        type => "A",
        value => "",
        ensure => present

The fog.yaml file contains the fog provider and credentials as in this Route 53 examples:


  provider: aws
  aws_access_key_id: ...
  aws_secret_access_key: ...

Refer to the Fog manual to use a different DNS provider:

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