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Puppet TextMate Bundle

This is a TextMate bundle ( for Puppet manifests (

TextMate 2 is Open Source and available from (

(It may work for Sublime Edit 2)


To install, clone this repository and drag the puppet-textmate.tmbundle directory on the TextMate icon. The installation will then be automatic.


This bundle directly supports :

  • syntax highlighting of most of the puppet syntax
  • common resources or standard language snippets
  • command to check syntax of manifests (puppet parser validate) with ctrl-shift-v
  • function menu containing hierarchical class/nodes/define and resources titles
  • validates puppet on save with puppet-lint **
  • validates all puppet in project with ctrl+option+v **

To use last two features you need to have puppet-lint installed, on the command-line. To install it, type on your terminal:

sudo gem install puppet-lint puppet

Other standard textmate functions that are handy for writing puppet code:

  • command+option+] aligns the current set of assignments (=>)
  • ctrl-shift-' switches from a single quote to double quote and back.
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