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This is a little demo project for my blog series Project-WebDev Blog - How to create your own website based on Docker and is based on the seed project for Angular 2 apps.

All this demo does is creating a little Angular 2 application that communicates with REST Service that we've build in our blog series: [How to create your own website based on Docker (Part 8 - Creating the ioJS REST API Docker container)] (

Feel free to download and play with it! ;)

Important: There are no data validations nor performance optimizations or whatsoever implemented as this is just a very very little demo! ;)

Note: Angular 2.0 is not production ready yet! This seed project is perfect for playing around with the latest versions but do not start new projects with it since a lot of new changes are going to be introduced until the framework is officially released.

How to start

git clone
cd person-demo-angular2-seed

# If you don't have gulp or bower already installed
npm install -g gulp bower

# NPM will automatically trigger bower, so no need to run bower install separately
npm install

# Build the web page (which will then be created within a /dist folder)


I'm the only contributor for this demo project, but since this is based on the Angular 2 Seed project, the contributers for the base projects are the following ones:

mgechev |ludohenin |jgolla |

Change Log

You can follow the Angular 2 change log here.