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dbConnect: Database for Humans

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dbConnect was made as a little module to be used in small projects that need to do some interactions with MySQL or PostgreSQL databases.

It's just a big time saver for developers specially for making data analyzing and data scraping and it helps to keep your code clean and readable by using python-like structure.



dbConnect uses mysql.connector and mysqlclient modules for mysql, install one of them using:

$ apt-get install python3-mysql.connector
$ apt-get install python-mysql.connector

Or using offical site:

$ pip install mysqlclient

More details on mysqlclient:

For PostgreSQL install psycopg2 module:

$ pip install psycopg2

using pip:

$ pip install dbConnect

from source code:

$ git clone
$ cd dbConnect
$ sudo python install


Importing and making a connection:

>>> from dbConnect import DBConnect
>>> database = DBConnect(credentials.json)
>>> database.fetch('tableName', limit=5, filters={'company': 'pyninjas'})