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This is a sample web and migratordotnet application to demonstrate Octopus deploy: It is pretty basic since the deployment packages doesn't do any configuration of IIS or the database.

To get started:
Create packages:
 * Create migrations package run the following:
   - C:\git\OctopusDeployDemo\OctopusDeploy.Migrations>nuget pack OctopusDeploy.Migrations.csproj -Version -Build -Properties Configuration=Release
   - That will create a deploy nuget package using the *.spec file containing the dll for the migrations and the migration script, you can find the package in the same folder with a name like *.nupkg.
 * Create web package
   - msbuild "/t:Rebuild" "/t:ResolveReferences" "/t:_CopyWebApplication" /p:Configuration=Release /p:WebProjectOutputDir=publish\ /p:OutDir=publish\bin\ /p:OctopusPackageVersion=
   - The deploy package will be located in the bin folder

Configure Octopus
1. Install octopus deploy and a octopus tentacle
2. Create a nuget feed that (a simple file share is enough)
  * Copy both of your packages to your nuget feed
  * Set up Octopus to use the feed
3. Create the database you want to use (MSSQL)
3. Make sure the service that runs the tentacle has rights to add, change and delete tables in the database you want to use
4. Create the web site you want to deploy to
5. Create a project and setup an environment in Octopus deploy
6. Create the following parameters:
  - ConnectionString - should have a value like: Database=<your db>;Data Source=localhost;Integrated Security=SSPI
     * This will be used for both the web site and the database project
  - OctopusWebSiteName - should be a web site in IIS that the service that runs the tentacle has the right to change
7. Create the following build steps:
  - The first deploy step should deploy the database package
  - The second deploy step should deploy the web site.

If you want to use multiple environments and servers don't forget to configure duplicates of the parameters.