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A leaderboard score server for games
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Leaderboard Server

This is a simple leaderboard server for use in games. It is a google app-engine based project. The server offers services to store and retrieve score records. Records are stored on the google cloud nosql datastore.

Score record retrieval includes the following filters:

  • national
  • global
  • weekly
  • monthly
  • daily


You need Java and Maven installed.


mvn clean install


mvn package

Run the server locally

mvn appengine:devserver

The server contains a sample landing page for creating and viewing records.

For examples of how to call the servlets to store and retrieve records check the tools.js

To test the server open http://localhost:8080/ in your browser

Security Warning

The leaderboard server is provided as is with no security. You are responsible for securing the services. This is a sample on which to base your own server. For real deployments you will also need to remove the landing page and the respective sample javascript lib. Basic servlets are provided to access tha dao. Feel free to provide your own services.

More info at


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