A Ruby script that displays detailed status of local & remote branches, whether they are merged, and so on
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A useful script that displays local & remote branches, what are in sync and what need merging,
and so on, like so:

Local branch: heads/master
[x] in sync with remote

Remote branch: origin/master (git@github.com:account/project.git)
[x] in sync with local

Feature branches:
[x] ticket_827 is merged in
[ ] ticket_831 is NOT merged in (1 commit ahead; 18 commits behind)
    - [dependencies] Depend on library X, version Y [bfda321]


Usage: git wtf [branch+] [options]

If [branch] is not specified, git-wtf will use the current branch. The possible [options] are:

-l, --long          include author info and date for each commit
-a, --all           show all branches across all remote repos, not just
                    those from origin
-A, --all-commits   show all commits, not just the first 5
-s, --short         don't show commits
-k, --key           show key
-r, --relations     show relation to features / integration branches
    --dump-config   print out current configuration and exit

git-wtf uses some heuristics to determine which branches are integration branches, and which are feature branches. (Specifically, it assumes the integration branches are named "master", "next" and "edge".) If it guesses incorrectly, you will have to create a .git-wtfrc file.

To start building a configuration file, run "git-wtf --dump-config > .git-wtfrc" and edit it. The config file is a YAML file that specifies the integration branches, any branches to ignore, and the max number of commits to display when --all-commits isn't used. git-wtf will look for a .git-wtfrc file starting in the current directory, and recursively up to the root.

IMPORTANT NOTE: all local branches referenced in .git-wtfrc must be prefixed with heads/, e.g. "heads/master". Remote branches must be of the form remotes//.



If you're on a Mac you've got it. If you're on Linux you've probably got it. If you're on Windows you'll have to figure that out on your own.


Put the git-wtf file into a directory on your path, or add this directory to your path. Google has many links with instructions on editing your path if you don't know how.

NOTE regarding maintenance / support

This particular script has an odd history. It was written, and apparently abandoned by William Morgan then cloned from gitorious to Github, where a few folks have forked and tweaked it, and left notes in their README's about how the script is not maintained.


I've pulled together some of those improvements and do maintain this repo. If you've got changes or improvements please send me a PR.


  • Daniel Vartanov
  • Esteban Torres
  • Kris Williams
  • masukomi
  • Michael Klishin
  • Tom Meier
  • Vincent Bonmalais
  • William Morgan


This is distributed under the GPL v3 license which can be found here.