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Publication quality graphs in MATLAB

------------------------------------------------------- PlotPub is a MATLAB library for creating publication quality figures using MATLAB. It provides you a class and a set of functions for controlling every aspect of a MATLAB figure. The Plot class provides a simple and elegant object oriented programming interface for manipulating MATLAB figures. On the other hand, setPlotProp function gives you the option for procedural programming.



Download and extract the zip file from the link given above. Install PlotPub using any one of the three possible ways: (1) copy all the *.m files inside the lib folder to either your MATLAB path or (2) copy those files to your current project folder or (3) put plotPub-master in any convenient folder and add the following line in your MATLAB code:


where, I assume that you put PlotPub-master in D:/MATLAB folder. The sample codes can be found inside the examples folder.


* [Tutorial for v1.4](

* [Reference for v1.4](
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