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Don't extend options and ruin the party for everyone

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1 parent d9bbfa2 commit 23d0ef9ca37ff6091f2fd37b005ebf59ef8b1f7e @saimonmoore saimonmoore committed May 12, 2012
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2 backbone.subset.js
@@ -89,7 +89,7 @@
// xored ids are the ones added/removed
xored_ids = xor(ids, _.pluck(models, 'id'));
- this.parent().reset(parent_models, _.extend(options, {silent: true}));
+ this.parent().reset(parent_models, _.extend({silent: true}, options));
this.parent().trigger('reset', this, {model_ids: xored_ids});
return this;

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oops! my fault!

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