Pluggable express app to handle i18n and L18n
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This module is not maintained anymore.

If you want a backend for your dialect translations please use dialect-http


ExpressDialect is a "pluggable" express application that deals with i18n.

This module is builtin upon dialect, the nodejs alternative to gettext.

Currently dialect just provides a MongoDB store, so you need MongoDB to be installed and running.


  • An amazing helper t() that you can use to translate your views.
  • A super awesome backend GUI tool to manage your translations.

How does it work?

Easy! Imagine you have this express application:

var express = require('express'),
    app = express.createServer(),
    connect = require('connect');

app.get('', function (req, res) {
  res.render('index', {layout: null});


To "plug" espress_dialect you just need to:

npm install express-dialect

and then add some lines to your app.

var express = require('express'),
    app = express.createServer(),
    connect = require('connect'),

    express_dialect = require('./../lib/express-dialect'),
    dialect_options = {
      app: app,
      path: __dirname + '/data',
      title: 'dialect test',
      store: 'mongodb',
      database: 'translations'

express_dialect(dialect_options, function (error, dialect) {
  app.dynamicHelpers(dialect.dynamic_helpers); // makes t() available

  app.get('', function (req, res) {
    res.render('index', {layout: null});

  app.listen(3000);; // Starts express-dialect on port 3001

Now open your views and make your strings available to translate.

h1= t('Post')
p= t(post.body)

Open your browser and type "http://localhost:3001", if you didn't provide a custom user password type 'admin' and 'admin'.

OMG! Double rainbow! its amazing, isn't it?

Configuration options

  • app: Your current express app.
  • path: Where you want to store the JSON files with the cached translations.
  • store: 'mongodb'. Other stores will be implemented soon.
  • database: 'translations'. Database name you want to store the translations.
  • title (optional): Custom title for the backend admin.
  • username (optional): username to authenticate. Defaults to 'admin'
  • password (optional): password to authenticate. Defaults to 'admin'


Don't hesitate on forking the project!

  • Compatibilililitity with dialect's API (counts and contexts missing)
  • Show languages names. (en => English)
  • Make the helper visible, not just on the views.
  • Dashboard on the homepage