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Awesome Raiden is has moved!

[14/7/2019] The scope of the Awesome Raiden list went too far past the scope of the RaidenInfoBot repo. Awesome Raiden is being continued in it's own repo

⚡ RaidenInfoBot

A Telegram bot with a collection of resources about Raiden Network (and some misc. features). Currently running in (unofficial)

Misc. Bot Functions:

  • Spam filtering
    • Removes joining message and sets some basic permissions (more strict against users with no profile picture or tag)
    • Welcome user with a tag joining the group, as long as they have a tag
    • Removes messages with blacklisted words, also checks edited messages for blacklisted words
    • Removes forwarded photos if user has no profile picture
  • Updated dates and details for events/conferences/hackathons/meetups related to Raiden
  • Basic bot points system
  • Memes
  • Warnings to watch out for scams anytime airdrops or giveaways are mentioned
  • Fortune cookies
  • Get telegram ID
  • A few functions specific to the RNC telegram group
    • Upcoming Raiden related events, updated regularly (called using /events)
    • Can't be spammed (i.e. deletes previous command+response in favour of the new command+response)
    • A community FAQ
    • A message self destruct function if /secret is called after a message
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